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A bachelor-ing busy week

Well, talk about being a busy week last week. I didn’t even make time to blog last week—did you miss me? 😉 BJ was gone the bulk of the week last week, leaving me to bache-it with the kids—and you can bet there’s a column coming about the difficulties of “solo”-parenting! Why was BJ gone for most of the week you ask?

Well, her little sister Kristina, gave birth to a 6 lb. 3 oz. baby boy…and BJ just had to be there. Actually, she’d been looking forward to the birth for several months now. And thus, Cameron Wescovich was born Tuesday morning, Feb. 16, only about 8 hours after BJ arrived! (and she promises me she didn’t speed…much!) She was able to spend the next several days helping her sister recover from the emergency C-section…and holding our new nephew! (see pic to the right!) As Kristina is so much younger than BJ (18 years), it was funny trying to explain to Brett that he wasn’t an uncle, but that he had a new cousin!

Softball season has started for school and Brittany found out last week that not only will she be playing on the Junior Varsity team, but that the coach has “promoted” her up to the Varsity team. Granted, Brittany’s primary role will be that of a base-runner (have I ever mentioned how fast Brittany is?), but she was floating sky-high that day after the coach informed her. She was incredibly happy!

The JV got trounced in their first game on a very cold (but sunny!) Tuesday afternoon last week.

On Thursday, Brett’s basketball team had their next to last practice. I’ve had a blast coaching—I’ve got an incredible group of boys, the best “collection” of players I’ve ever had the opportunity to coach…and I’ve been doing this now—well, this is my 8th season at SOME sport. In fact, I don’t know if the boys even plan to play, but I’d love to pull them all over and form the core of a baseball team for the upcoming season! J I know that Upward doesn’t keep “standings,” but I’ve been keeping my own. We are now 4-1-1 with one game remaining. In fact, one parent told me that the team we beat last week was unbeaten until we beat them. And yes, I smiled a VERY big smile.

Speaking of parents…this is also one of the very best sets of parents to be associated with my players, too. As Dad is fond of saying, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I’m glad that I’ve gotten these parents. Anyone who knows me knows that basketball isn’t my … uhm… top sport. I try to follow the Upward-provided DVD for most of my practices and hope the boys learn some of the skills so that when they get a “real” coach, he can teach them something special about the game. Many of the parents have said very nice things to me about the team and the way I’m handling them. Which really helps to make it all worthwhile. And yes, I’m anticipating finishing the season at 5-1-1…but who’s keeping track? J

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