Facebook again

I’m going to talk about Facebook once again. Maybe it’s just because it’s new to me, but it seems like FB (abbreviated as such among those “who know”) has really taken off in popularity. Either that, or the “older” generation is just now catching on. (my sister has joined—for those of you who know her. Go make her your friend)

But I’m going to digress a minute.

When Dad retired back in 1996, he and Mom moved back to Piggott, Arkansas the next year. Piggott is the place they both grew up and had always called home. They’d been away for 30 years though, so a lot of things had changed…especially people.

They began to meet people they hadn’t seen in 30 years and eventually even got involved in class reunion stuff (they graduated in 1959…yes, this is their 50 year anniversary!). I used to laugh at them because they were always pulling their high school annuals out and searching for names and faces they knew. It would go like this: they’d bump in to someone at one of their picnics, get to talking, swap names…and then realize they didn’t have a clue who they’d just spent the last hour talking with. They’d rush home, pull out the annuals and flip through, looking for the name. Find it…then realize “oh! THAT’S who that is!”

It got so bad, they eventually moved their annuals from the back of the house to a stack right next to their recliners in the living room!

Well, they’ve been back in Piggott for more than 10 years now…and the annuals are still there.

I’m done digressing now.

BJ got on FB a little while back and not long after, began getting friend requests from people she went to school with both from Pearl and from Northwest Rankin. Yeah, you guessed what was coming. She started asking me about names and people and I didn’t know many of them. Well, it often only takes one new “friend” to open up a whole slew of new friends. I recognized one of her friends from Pearl, added them…then started getting my own set of friend requests from names that looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place.

See, on FB, many people either post pictures of their kids or—very appropriately—MODERN pictures of themselves. But, I haven’t seen many of them in 25+ years, so I have no idea who they are when I look at them.


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3 responses to “Facebook again

  1. BJ

    It sure does make it nice when the female facebookers include their maiden name. Makes it easier to recall and find them in the annual:-)

  2. pat laster

    And how much precious time away from writing, family, reading, writing, etc. does fb take? My g-son has it; I’m leaving the oldies to those I know and those I see in the obits. Fun…fondly, pl (Hemingway-Pfeiffer alum)

  3. It takes ZERO time from my family. However, it HAS taken time from my reading and writing–mostly reading (I gotta get my writing in)…thus you’ve noticed I haven’t posted much lately. It’s a bit like a pendulum, though…I’m working to straighten the ship. 🙂
    It’s a FANTASTIC tool…but I think we lose site that it’s a tool.

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