Catch-all day

Today is going to just be a “catch-all” kinda day as I don’t have what feels like a whole blog, but several things which all feel smaller…if that makes any sense.

Y’know, I know I’ve mentioned the age thing here before, but last Saturday night hammered it in once again. If you’ll take a gander at the very pretty girl to the left of this text, you will discover that this is Brittany…yes, my tiny, little 13 year old daughter…all dressed up for the Beauty Review at the middle school. 48 girls were slated to participate, though I think a couple couldn’t make it.

Now I know that I’m incredible biased in all matters Brittany, but she didn’t even place in the top 15 (this is the first cut). And granted, someone would have to be near-nuts to try to say that none of the girls up there were cute (though the girls themselves might complain as there were many of them desperately trying to be young women!)…but I just have to wonder what the criteria were for choosing the finalists. Nah, it’s not sour grapes—we told Brittany beforehand she was the prettiest of them all. J

However, a couple of the girls who made it to the final 15 shouldn’t have been in the final 30. A couple had trouble saying their lines and one even had trouble walking in her heels and looked incredibly awkward. Not a big deal really except they placed over Brittany who appeared incredibly comfortable on the stage. She spoke clearly and where everyone could hear.

I’ve never been a fan of beauty pageants…well, except to look at, that is…but I just don’t get them. Apparently, I still don’t understand them.

Mom and Dad lost power in the big ice storm that hit Arkansas. They’ve been without power since last Tuesday night (over a week) and they been told it could be as long as 6 weeks before the power returns! That’s a long time. The entire town is pretty much without power. Brittany got a call from one of her friends there who was enjoying being out of school…but I think she found out she’d have to go this summer if they didn’t get back in pretty quickly.

I’ve intended to post pictures of our house for some time now. I’d especially like to show the before/after kind of thing so that you can see what a huge difference it is. I just haven’t done it.

However, I do have some pictures of my driveway. Our house sits back about 120 feet from the road, considerably further back than that of our neighbor. In fact, we can even see the back door of our neighbor’s house. That said, as you might imagine, our driveway is really long. The kids often can’t make it from the front door to the road by the time the school bus passes, turns around in the cove, and then returns to the house. On top of that, it is gravel—yes, I’d love to have it paved. BJ and I have always thought some of the his/her things were silly—married folks should just share. However, she’s decided that we need to have a his’n’her’n. So, below you’ll see “my” driveway on the left…her driveway on the right.


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2 responses to “Catch-all day

  1. BJ

    You are sooo bad and sooo in trouble little mister. However, you did make me smile. I love you–you mess.

  2. Jeris Hamm

    Hi Roland

    My mother, too, was caught in the storm (in Cardwell). We went over last Saturday and it is a terrific mess. She wouldn’t come home with us, but thankfully, she has gas heat, water heater and appliances. And her neighbor has a generator so they’re all helping each other. I’ve never seen such destruction of trees and power lines. They definitely need our prayers!

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