Big Brother Eye in the Sky

Any of you who know me know that I’m a Jeffersonian through and through when it comes to politics—I’m all about small (and limited) government. But I heard something on the radio the other day that just gave me the chills.

It seems that the government is already looking for a way to increase tax revenue on gasoline now that Americans have reduced their consumption and the number of barrels per day has decreased; less taxes for the government. Our new “changed” government is already looking to find new taxes to fund these “changes.” Apparently, it is already being “tested” out west, Oregon I think the radio report said. Instead of charging a flat tax rate for everyone at the gas pumps as is currently done, the government is proposing to tax us for “miles driven.” So, the more miles you drive, the higher percentage tax you pay on gas.

And it’s not just about x number of miles so that those who drive more, and thus use more gas, pay more taxes. That might be acceptable to the majority of us: at the end of the month, the number of gallons you purchased determines the tax you pay on it. Instead, the GPS will determine which roads you’re using at what time of the day.

That’s right! They plan to install a GPS (Global Positioning System) in every car so that those cars which use certain roads during rush hour traffic will pay a higher toll than those who use the same roads during off-hours. And if you can navigate less busy roads, you get a discount. How will they know? The GPS will track every single place you drive.


Is this not the ultimate in big brother eye in the sky Orwellian thinking? Sure, it’s disguised as “taxes” so that those who use, pay. Sounds good on the surface—after all, who of us doesn’t think those who use something more often or more frequently should shoulder the burden of taxes?

For those of you who might not know, GPSs are readily available in many electronic gadgets these days. Cars use them instead of roadmaps, and cellphones have them.

I don’t like it one bit.

I don’t want the government “following” me around everywhere I go. No, it’s not that I’m doing anything wrong or illegal; it’s just that my business is my business and not the government’s. If I want to drive to Wal-Mart three times a day, I shouldn’t worry about the government tracking me from some satellite in the sky.

Let’s just hope our politicians get rid of this “change” fever and smarten up! We can only hope!



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4 responses to “Big Brother Eye in the Sky

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  2. Roland, I work for a trucking company and am responsible for fuel and mileage taxes, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that Big Brother is finally tring to do this to personal vehicles. I, too, find it disturbing that, on the one hand, ‘the government’ (the enemy, which I have always pointed out is US, to quote Pogo), preaches conservation,( ie: Don’t make THREE trips a day to WalMart!), and then on the other hand, wants to figure out a way to make more money because now that we are driving smart, it is hurting ‘their’ pockets. So, in the long run, go ahead and waste as much as you want – it’s going to cost you either way. How stupid is this?
    Of course, good conservationism is doing things that are good for the earth, not necessarily the pocketbook, but when it is as blatant as this, it really hurts the cause.

  3. RE: The “watching eyes” bother me also, but in case you don’t realize it, they already know, and have for a long time.
    My dad recently expressed some concerns over some privacy issues, until he found out that the company already had the information he didn’t want to give out. What’s the use – we’re already there.
    Huxley tried to warn us, didn’t he?

  4. Roland, I’m with you 100% on keeping the government out of our private lives. Heck, aymore I don’t have a PRIVATE life, just a personal one. I’vegot so many people that know more about me than I do…It’s scary. Read my Facebook to learn more about all that.

    Just keep this in mind…the Confederacy will rise again and sooner than some think at this rate 🙂

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