Readin’ and Writin’

Well, kids returned to school this morning so that means things are back to “normal.”

Yeah. Right.

It won’t be long before we have basketball games and softball games. And I just spotted an ad for summer league baseball. On top of all that, my Christmas lights must somehow find their way back into boxes and back to storage.

Another thing at the top of my list to do is get back to reading some fiction. I got a bit stumbled a few months back trying to read Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. It’s an incredibly insightful book, tracing the history of modern liberals back to the fascists of the early 1900s. I highly recommend the 200 pages that I managed to wade through. And I don’t mean wade like it was bad reading…I mean wade in that I really had to concentrate and focus on the material to understand it. It was good…but my brain now needs just plain ole fiction entertainment.

So I picked up a book by an author I heard speak and had the opportunity to speak with last summer: Gilbert Morris. I’d already read How to Write and Sell a Christian Novel when I heard him, but have never read any of his fiction. So now I am.

I will confess that I’ve read just a few books by “people” in the groups to which I belong. Keep in mind, that ACFW began as a Romance Writers group. I tried a couple…and didn’t like’em! I’d never tell THEM that, plus you won’t see me reviewing them here simply because I don’t really read romance and so can’t think of a lot of good things to say. And yes, I’m sure they’d say the same thing about comics or science-fiction, that’s okay. But that’s why I’m not going to talk about them here.

When we lived in Florence, I wrote a Christian Comic review for the local Christian Magazine. Well, I did for three months anyway. Then, I’m not sure what happened as they quit answering my email. They never had a web presence at all. I’ve pitched that idea to a few other Christian Mags, but none have taken me up on it.

I pitched one Christian Mag the idea of a comic strip. I intended to write an ongoing storyline strip like you can read in the newspapers. They’re not ALL one-line jokes after all. The editor liked the idea but suggested I revamp and change it to be about Christian Fiction, but about the readers.

Okay, so maybe the editor only liked the IDEA of a strip and not my particular idea. But I’m flexible and so ran with it. I created and wrote scripts for about six of them and sent them to the editor. The editor received them and said “where’s the art?” To which I replied, “I dunno, you have an artist, or should I find?”

Finally, after the editor understood that I didn’t also draw—and that not ALL of the newspaper strips are drawn and written by the same person, the editor took it to the partner.

The partner said, “there’s no way this guy is a cartoonist if he doesn’t draw his own stuff.” I could almost hear the laughing.

Huh? “Pardon me,” said I, “but I’m a writer not an artist. I work with artists, and I HIRED them when I was an editor.”

“Well,” said the editor, “partner lives next door to Charles Schultz, and he wrote AND drew his cartoons.”

Partner obviously had never heard of Stan Lee.


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