It’s beginning to look…

I’m glad that the lights in my house aren’t like the lights on my Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations. Wouldn’t that be frustrating: a light goes out in the bathroom and all the lights on the northeast corner of the house go out. Then, in order to get them working again, you have to get one from another section of the house that you KNOW works (because it was glowing when you got it), and then try it in every single socket in the dark corner until you find the right one. That would be very frustrating.

Yeah, can you tell I’ve been working on our Christmas lights?

But really, I like Christmas lights. No, seriously I do. BJ and I started several years ago buying a new string or two of lights during the after-Christmas sales. Then, a few years in a row, my sister Angie (who turned 42 recently, btw) bought of some of those big lawn-lights. Not the blow-up balloons, but the rope-light kind. We’ve got a deer that moves its head and a Santa that waves. And, we have a ton of those white “icicle” lights.

Kids finally got their school pictures in. We were beginning to worry that we wouldn’t get them in before Christmas. Brittany’s pictures have actually been in our hands for about six weeks.

My day was made last week as a Dad. Y’see, I coached Brittany in softball for five years (until we moved here) and I coached her one year in Upward Basketball. Brett has been asking me for about two years now to be his coach. While he’s mainly been talking about baseball, he’d seen me coaching Sissy and wanted me to coach him.

Well, I talked to the Upward folks a few weeks ago and filled out all the forms. I went to a meeting but didn’t tell Brett where I was going. When I returned, I sat him down all serious-like and told him that I’d come from an Upward meeting about him playing this year and that practice would be starting soon. He was interested, but when I added that I’d be his coach, he literally jumped up and shouted and then gave me a big hug.

I don’t really care what the season is like—that one moment will be worth it all.

The next night as I made the calls to all my players telling them about practice and such, I borrowed a cellphone (no, I still do not have one—don’t want one, thank you very much) and called Brett “as his coach.” He got a big laugh out of that.

Brittany has been in the drama class at her school, and this morning they put on a play for several classes. I forget the name of it exactly, but I think it was called Substitute Santa. BJ and I went to see the production and had front-row seats. It is actually a very entertaining little play. The link is provided below should you want to see it. It is part 1 (of 2) and has a running time of about 7 minutes. (both parts are about 14 minutes total)



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3 responses to “It’s beginning to look…

  1. BJ

    Our sweetie pies sure are beautiful/handsome!

  2. Clayton

    I can’t believe how much the kids have grown….. I miss them and you guys so much. I’m saddened that you can’t be here this weekend, but I know what this time of the year is like. I wish you the Merriest of Christmases! Being a Dad and being wanted is so cool. I hope it lasts forever (for me and you). Give everyone a hug and my love….

  3. paco

    My grandkids are growing much too fast and of course Brittany was brilliant in the play. The star of the show in my opinion. We miss all of you more than you know.

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