Tired of everything

As we grow older, we get tired. Not only do we just flat out get tired, but we get tired of doing things.

Getting tired is a process that starts very early in life. We stop sucking our thumbs because we get tired of them being pruney all the time. We learn to use the toilet because we get tired of walking around in it all days (of course, there are some jobs where we are required to continue to walk around in it all days—some of it thicker than others).

As a youngster, we get tired of going to bed when we’re told to. For some reasons, kids tend to think they’re missing out on something when they’re required to go to bed before everyone else.

I know that my son is tired is being five years younger than his sister. He thinks he’s going to catch up to her still.

At 16, we’re tired of not being able to go anywhere because we don’t have a car and every single other 16 year old owns a car. Without fail, at 16, we’re the only one to not own a car.

At 18, we’re tired of school. We figure we’ve been in classes for twelve years, that’s enough. Then we realize we have at least four more years (sometimes more) in college.

For men, after we’ve been dating “seriously,” we got tired of reporting…y’know, always having to explain where we are. We figure we already had one mom, we don’t need another. So we get married.

I’ve heard some say they want to get married because they’re tired of dating. Seems having to either ask and be rejected or getting asked and doing the rejecting (or never being asked, but then that would be tired of a different thing) is tiring. Not sure what they are thinking there, either.

At 35, I was tired of driving because it seemed like we drove everywhere. All I wanted to do was stay home whenever we got breaks just because I didn’t want to drive.

Around middle age, we start to get tired of paying taxes. We realize how inept our government is and we begin to dislike the idea that everything we earn up until about May goes into the governmental coffers. And then they turn around and give it away to rich bank executives and bankrupt individuals in some really stupid Governmental bail-out (which, really sounds to me like a VERY good reason to talk secession again!).

Definitely not sure what the Government was thinking there…not thinking is more likely.

I don’t mind paying taxes so much if we had “smart” businessmen who were making the decisions. The horrible thing about taxes is that we can’t choose not to pay. If we were paying for bad service somewhere else, we would just fire them and replace it with a better—or at least different, service.

Those of the older age get tired, too. I’m not sure what the official “old age” is. Would it be the year we retire? Would it be the year we can start drawing social security? My daughter says its 75, but I think she grabbed that age because none of her grandparents are there yet! J

Regardless, old folks get tired of being awake—and I don’t mean living, I mean actually awake. Naps are common. Some even get tired of bathing. They think they don’t do as much or haven’t sweated that day so they don’t need to bath. Their sniffers give out, too. You can often smell them coming, kinda like the French.

I haven’t reached the point of “old age” yet, but sometimes it doesn’t seem that far away.

Not sure what we’ll be thinking then, but I bet I’ll be tired!


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