The Church of Me!

This will probably be one of the most controversial things I’ve written about. I’ve talked here before about moving and moving experiences and things that are associated with moving. This entry is no different. And before you go accusing me, I’m not trying to start a religious debate – I won’t even mention theology or anything. I’m just talking about concerns of moving. Plus, I think this idea works for any denomination, regardless of your flavor.

My wife and I consider ourselves fairly conservative folks (I’ve even been accused of being ultra-conservative). We do our best to live consistently that way and to instill those beliefs in our kids. We don’t always achieve those goals, but we strive for them.

I touched on this aspect of moving briefly, but as we still have not found a church home in Oxford, I’ve got a few new thoughts! Big surprise, huh? Seeking a new church shouldn’t be like buying a car, a house, a tie or shoes, at least not for someone who calls themselves “Christian.”

But I’ve found that some people have the attitude that when a church quits serving their needs, they just move on to the next church like trading in a new car or moving to the next spot on the salad bar. I’ve even run across a few who “church hop” (probably a close relative to “bar hopping,” but I won’t go there). That attitude is also common in many who are seeking new churches when they move. That attitude seems to be what can the church do for me. We’ve become a generation who prefer the church of me. Speaking of, you must watch this video!

Instead of looking for a church that is going to serve our every need and whim like a Burger King drive through,, we should be looking for a church that we feel most accurately interprets the Bible and (this is a biggie) is populated with people who do their very best to live out those beliefs. We want to be around folks to believe as we do and act on those beliefs.

I’ve met a lot of people through our course of moving who give lip service to being a “Christian,” but do very little to actually show they are one. Our kids have met other kids in school who make them claim, and then they ask me why these very same kids let loose a string of curse words frequently. The only answer I can give them is the Bible tells us that Christians will be known by their fruit. I then tell my kids I’m Chinese. They laugh—well, they do now, they didn’t at first—but now they get what I mean that just because someone says they’re a certain way, doesn’t really mean much…it’s all in what they DO! What’s the old saying? “Actions speak louder than words.”

Also, what’s happened to the idea of service? The church body is supposed to be about service. We’ve been to churches that do not even do “visitation” at all anymore. I don’t get that. I’m gonna steal from a former president here and say we should not be asking what the church can do for us, but instead we should ask what we can do for our church.

But, I’ll end on a funny note—or by presenting you with a funny video. The one below was brought to my attention by our former youth pastor, Matthew Ferguson. It is hilarious!



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3 responses to “The Church of Me!


    Roland, that was the funniest thing I have seen in along time. Just this morning I spoke with a man who’s been in a wheelchair for 46 years about what the Bible says about having new bodies in the future, how Christ offers this and briefly mentioned “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. I saw little obvious impact, but it was a witness to a man in great need who is very isolated.

    I felt very inadequate, but I also felt Christ’s affirmation later that I had spoken to him at his need. We are witnesses. We tell what we’ve seen and what He’s done for us.

    Heh. “You can’t keep a bird from singing!”


  2. While probably NOT the most controversial thing you’ve ever written (of course, my bound copies of THE COMPLETE LIBRARY OF MANN VOLUMES 1-5 are not sitting in front of me), it definitely something that reads like it comes straight from your heart.

    Nicely done, sir. Nicely done.

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