Preparing for…

I’m a little late posting today, so it’s going to be a little shorter… but I do hope you’ll forgive me. I’m preparing for the upcoming ACFW Conference in a couple of weeks and time just got away from me. I was up late last night working on a onesheet to take as a pitch document. No, I’d never heard of a onesheet either until a few months ago. For lack of a better explanation, it’s simply a flyer that tells about the project and about the author. Last night I got to searching and scanning images to use on the page.


I am excited about it, though. While it certainly won’t be my first conference or convention, it definitely sounds like it is something different than anything I’ve ever attended before. I’m planning to pitch my YA series The Gifted, my contemporary fiction Buying Time…and I’m even considering pitching the novel I’m working on simply because I found some cool graphics to use from Cat & Mouse (you can even order the entire run at that link!), the comic I wrote oh so many years ago.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll lead a short Graphic Storytelling workshop at the monthly meeting of the Byhalia Christian Writers group. BCW is part of the larger ACW. Visit the link for directions and contact info.

I’m off to work on my onesheets again.

Here’s another old video for your entertainment pleasure. It’s the 2nd time I was on TAE VAE! Steven and I are both a little less nervous…but they came to our house so we were in our own environment this time.


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5 responses to “Preparing for…

  1. Are the comics still available?

  2. ant'ny

    Go get ’em, Roland! Best of luck, ‘mano!

  3. Roland,

    That is very very cool! Currently I am beginning to work on a project with Bloodstained Productions and seeing your success from humble beginnings is very encouraging.

  4. Yep, they’re still available…and–if you click on the link, you’ll see all of the issues 1-18 for sale. They’ve even put a bunch of them on sale! 🙂

  5. ant'ny

    There were also 2 TPB collections published. I love C&M, so I have the comics AND the trades. Someone was kind enough to sign quite a few of them, as well. 😉

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