Mormon movies

A little while back, I mentioned that we’d turned off our television, that is to say, we don’t have cable or satellite. I again want to reiterate that we DO watch stuff, we just choose what comes into the house rather than letting someone else pick it. Mostly, we watch a lot of movies (rarely anything R rated anymore). Actually, it was my cousin Tami’s comment about the Mormon’s that got me thinking about this…

We found that we really like the Mormon movies.

What? Yes, the Mormons (and I mentioned them also a while back in connection with Coke). It seems, that, as a group, the Mormons themselves got fed up with all the garbage on television and decided to do something about it. While BJ and I have only really just barely cracked the surface, we’ve found that—in general—they are very well done, well-acted and actually quite good.

But we discovered them quite by accident. By being part of Netflix, I often browse through the listings to see if I can find something decent to watch. A few years back, I saw a movie titled Mobsters and Mormons. The premise is a simple one, but they really pull it off. A mobster from New Jersey is moved into the middle of a Mormon community and next door to a Mormon preacher in Utah. It’s one of those movies that the kids could see: no explicit sex scenes (well—none at all) and no profanity. HEY—as a side note: BJ and I got our Mississippi driver’s licenses last week and I spotted a note on the MHP office door that stated profanity was a misdemeanor and violators would be prosecuted. Wow. I didn’t realize that. Seems so many people swear now—another one of those laws we ALREADY HAVE that should be enforced.

Anyway, when Mobsters and Mormons finished, we watched the trailers and found several others that we added to our list. Well, it was probably several months before Sons of Provo came in through our mailbox. It’s the fake documentary of a Mormon boy-band ala ‘N Sync or Back Street Boys. I laughed and laughed and laughed. More so than BJ, but she found it funny, too.

Then, we watched Baptists At Our Barbeque, the story of a small town which is exactly evenly divided: 49 Mormons and 49 Baptists…until the new Sheriff moves to town and then everyone rejoices because the Sheriff breaks the tie. Then, the Sheriff must help bring the two groups together. Again, another funny movie.

I could list several others, but the main thing is, they’re getting it right. They’re good movies that are done well. They’re good stories and are entertaining and could be watched by the entire family. While they don’t have summer blockbuster movie budgets, they’ve got budgets enough to not be cheesy—like so many of the other “Christian” films. I’m not suggesting all the other Christian films are cheesy: Facing the Giants was very good, as was One Night With The King. You know as well as I do that many of them are too poorly produced and often too preachy. But, I think the quality of the Mormon films may be one of the reasons others are improving.

Regardless, you should check some of them out—you’ll be entertained without worrying about being offended…and that’s a rare treat these days.



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4 responses to “Mormon movies

  1. Becki Yetman

    have you seen Flywheel? it is produced by the same group that did Facing the Giants – I liked it even better.

  2. Tami Mann Eppard

    Hi Roland,

    You also know that there is a device you can buy at walmart, kind of like a DVD player that you can censor all movies. I use to work for a Mormon DDS and he had one and love it..You can delete out violence and language..

  3. Tami Mann Eppard

    more information on the device that can edit out language, violence or sex from movies.

  4. I have NOT seen Flywheel, nor had I even heard of it. I’ll have to put it on our list. I DO know they’re making a new one–Fireproof, I think, is the title.

    I’ve heard of those DVD players, but never knew anyone who owned one and didn’t know if they really worked or not. We’ve talked about getting one, but have just been too afraid to spend the money not knowing…y’know?

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