Where is all the hair?

I haven’t talked about the woes of moving in some time. Times heals most moving woes. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a new place to get a haircut since moving here. Thus, I’ve let my hair grow so long that I begin to represent the hippie that Ant’ny called me!

Fortunately for me, I’ve got an appointment at a new place this morning. I should know by noon whether I’ll be going back or not. J

But have you noticed hair cutting/styling places seem to be one of the most popular businesses in small towns? Why? Is it because there is so much hair these days? If so, where is it? I mean, older men don’t usually need intensive hair styling. Let’s assume that men make up roughly half the population. Women need their intensive hair stylists. But generally, a man just needs to keep the exact same style he’s had for about as long as he can remember…generally high school. No shampooing or hair gels, or sprays, or blowers, or mousse. Just trim it up. Older men’s hair doesn’t grow that fast. And—based on what I’ve seen, many of the young guys don’t even comb their hair anymore—it’s the latest style. That doesn’t even account for all the bald guys.

Let’s chase rabbits here a minute. Why do men insist on the comb-over? The thing is, the comb-over isn’t a new idea. Heck, the men who are 70 today used to get their share of chuckles during their youth at the older men who were combing over. Do men who comb-over think it makes them look not-so-bald? Do they honestly believe their not James Bond quality disguise hides that bright shiny bald spot?

Before you go accusing me of making fun of bald spots, I’m not. Doesn’t bother me one way or the other. Actually, I don’t think it really bothers most people today. The bald look seems to be a popular look even for younger generations—many actually shave their heads. I think baldness bothers the baldee more. I say, be bald and bold!

Although, I do usually like bald jokes—y’know, “I can’t see because the light reflection is blinding me?”

And what about toupees? You know, the wigs for men. When I was an editor in California, I had the chance to edit the writing of a famous Star Trek actor. His rug was so thick it looked like he needed a vacuum cleaner instead of shampoo. I kept thinking that common courtesy would have me mention how obvious the shag on top of his head was…but then I would chicken out. Wasn’t my place, I would tell myself. So why wouldn’t his wife tell him, “honey, you’re not fooling anyone with that hair piece. Either change the color or ditch it?” Isn’t that what a loving wife would do?

I’m thinking it is. I mean, a “good” wife would do that in the same way a good husband wouldn’t let his wife rummage through trash cans for discarded Christmas reefs, right?

But I’m still left with my question…where is all the hair?


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  1. ♥Daddy I like your hair the way it is. I also liked it when you had your mullet. I think you look really good with a mullet. I don’t think I could really picture you being bald though. 🙂 But you would look good with your hair with any hairstyle.
    Love ya,

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