On television in 1989

I’ve been going through some old video tapes recently, mostly because we’re still unpacking and trying to figure out what stays and what goes and so forth. I stumbled upon a box of tapes in which the tapes had no box covers on them and recognized them as the ones from our house flood in Tennessee. For those who don’t know, after we’d moved to Piggott, Arkansas, we were still trying to sell our home in Loretto, Tennessee. We went back periodically to check in, clean up, get things we needed, etc. But, we weren’t really living there.

One day BJ got a frantic call from the realtor. Seems water was pouring out of our basement. Clayton Wilbanks, the Music Minister at First Baptist Loretto, where we had been members, had a key and he sped over to open up the house. The basement had about six inches of standing water. It seems a water filter under the kitchen sink sprang a leak and best guesses put it running for about three days.

Needless to say, we lost thousands of dollars of things in the basement. I lost a bunch of expensive board games (one a very rare war game from 1930) and we had several boxes of home videos in the mix.

I say all that to say I found one of the boxes and started wondering if they would play. The first one I came across was a tape that we had started making in 1989, right after I’d graduated college and was living in a rented house in Hattiesburg with three roommates: Steven Butler, Ashley Koostra and David Rogers. We started taping all the creative processes that were going on…

Anyway, just after the release of Cat & Mouse #1 by publisher EFGraphics, Steven and I somehow found ourselves on Midday, a noon local news show in Hattiesburg. I’ll just tell you here and now, we were nervous as can be. If you happen to watch the video (embedded below for your entertainment), notice how we sit stiff as boards! We’re too nervous to even move!

It’s been fun watching some of the old videos. It’s amazing how much people change in nearly 20 years. J I may post some other stuff if I find anything interesting…or humorous like the video below.


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5 responses to “On television in 1989

  1. ant'ny

    Wow. Was THAT ever cool to watch. You *know* how big a fan of C&M I am…

    Skinny ties (is Steven’s a knit?) and all. At least you smile once in a while.

    Get a haircut, hippie! 😉

  2. Ken Renshaw

    Congrats, Roland! Can I borrow some of that hair?!! (you know how bald I am). Tell BJ and Brittany HI. Come see us when you’re back in Piggott.

  3. Hope Ermert

    That was great!! Jerry had that same haircut when I met him in 1990. Thanks for the flashback. Truly enjoyable to watch.

  4. Victor Fernandez

    You haven’t changed one bit Roland. Your even sporting that stylish hairdo!

  5. Ant’ny: Funny you say “hippie,” because as long as my hair was there, our friend Ashley Koostra had much longer hair than me…and his nickname was often “hippie”.
    Ken: Mine isn’t that long anymore…and in fact, I think it’s sinking into my ears now!
    Hope: I can just SEE Jerry with that haircut! We ALL had them then…and we didn’t call them mullets!
    Victor Von Doom: Why change a good thing? 🙂

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