Another school year is underway

Well, yesterday was the first day of the new school year. BJ and I now officially have an eighth grader and a third grader. My oh my! And, to top that off, volleyball season is underway. Brittany actually started practice last week, and they’ve already had two games!

Their first game was on Tuesday, and then they played again last night. Lafayette County, where the kids go to school, is a 4A school and the first two games were against 5A schools. Since I’m not really sure how the scoring/won/loss is done in volleyball (mom and I are still learning), I’ll just have to give it the way I see it. They play the best two out of three games. Against Tupelo Tuesday, the girls got beat in the first game, but game back and won the second game. They lost the sugar game by a very narrow margin. Last night against Southaven, they were trounced in the first game, but scrapped for the second. They lost it, but the final score was 27-25. Brittany is in with the starting bunch and is having a great time. But, because of the two out of three thing, I don’t know if that makes them 0-2 or 1-4?

Brett rode the bus home yesterday without his big sister. It didn’t bother him the least little bit. I can’t say the same about mom! J The kids will ride the bus to school this year, the first time they’ve ever done that. Usually BJ or I would take them on our way to work…but the locations don’t geographically work in our favor this year. Brittany doesn’t want to ride the bus, but Brett does. Of course, Brittany isn’t ready to start back to school…Brett is.

Back to school shopping is just plain crazy, too. Teachers all want very specific items for their classes. Problem is, they don’t all use the same vocabulary. For instance, some want “binders,” some want “notebooks,” some want “folders,” some want “trapper keepers,” and yet, more times than not, they’re all the same thing. Wal-Mart does pretty good by setting the hot smaller items in big mass bins near the entrance of the store. Of course, by the time we got there they were out of pencils. Oh they had plenty of mechanical pencils, but they had no #2 wooden pencils.

Funny, too…coming back from Wal-Mart Brett wondered why they were out of the wooden kind—they’ve cut down acre upon acre of trees we have to pass by every day to get home. You’d think they could make a few pencils from them!



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2 responses to “Another school year is underway

  1. Sid

    Man, a lot of milestones. Hope it’s a good year for all. I always hate to hear the school year’s starting back, kind of signals one phase of the end of summer or at least the spirit of summer.

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