Time to boycott Mickey D’s

Y’know, what is it with big businesses and corporations these days? Why don’t they just stick to selling and marketing their product and making money? First Ford, now McDonald’s has decided to put the full force of their financial power in support of the gay and lesbian community. That being the case, there will be no more McBurgers for the Mann clan.

I’ve waited some time to write about this because I kept thinking, “nah, it ain’t true. McDonald’s will decide it was a bad idea and recapitulate.” The announcement was made way back in March, but I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, we’re talking McDonald’s here, Ronald McDonald, the Hamburgler, Big Mac and all those other easily recognizable culturally iconic terms. So, just recently, the AFA has called for a boycott on McDonald’s. I would like to encourage everyone reading this to both sign the pledge and to actually refrain from buying anymore Mickey D’s.

What would cause a multi-billion dollar industry to cater to the whims of a portion of the population that is 1% or less? I guess, like many things, it all comes down to good old all-American greenbacks…money. CNN featured a story on the gay move by McDonald’s and interviewed someone who said that a boycott from conservatives and Christians really won’t affect McDonald’s financially, while a boycott from gays and lesbians would.

What? Where does he get that information? Doesn’t he recall the Ford boycott? Back around 2005, conservatives began a boycott of Ford for giving hundreds of thousands of dollars (yes, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS) to gay and lesbian groups. The boycott lasted up until around March of this year. During that time, Ford’s profits were down 19 out of 21 months…Forbes reported they lost $2.7 billion in 2007 alone! I know that we were in the market during that time. The vehicle at the top of my list was a Ford, one I’d been eyeing for several months.

I bought a Chevy instead.

It’s not that I don’t want companies to spend any of their money so they can get tax deductions. But there are so many ways they can spend the money smarter: clean up roads and parks, give that money TO the/a park system, give the money to homeless shelters, rape crisis centers, child abuse centers, etc. There are many things they could choose to do that wouldn’t really offend anyone. I’m not one who really gives a hoot about spotted owls (get it? Gives a hoot? J ), but it doesn’t offend me when people give money to protect and care for them. You see what I’m saying? There’s a big difference.

I just don’t see the decisions to toss hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting homosexuality as anything but stupid. If you watch the CNN feature, you’ll see that McDonald’s sponsored the 2007 San Francisco Gay Pride parade with a television commercial. In the commercial, a McDonald’s bigwig brags that it is “a company that actively demonstrates its commitment to the gay and lesbian community.”

As I said at the outset, there will be no more McBurgers for the Mann clan.


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4 responses to “Time to boycott Mickey D’s

  1. That is so sad -thanks for the info Roland.

    Wendy’s has quietly begin putting up posters about how Dave Thomas, their founder wants to support adoption clinics – because he himself was adopted.

    Guess who’s getting my $$ from now on?

    AND our local Wendy’s has just started serving breakfast – and keeps the sweeteners out so you can get what you want.

    A win-win at Wendy’s, I think.

  2. I’m STUNNED EVEN sickened by your incredible BIGOTRY!!! Are you going to boycott Walt Disney who has the best health care for the gay community? Or BOYCOTT the Movie industry or TV or Artist or Writers for they openly hire GAYS!!!! Are you going to run like a frightened zealot and bury your head and act like homesexuality has not been around since the dawn of time? Lets ask some devote Catholics how well dening your sexuality works!!!!!!!Forget thousands The Catholic Church has spent millions!
    Do you know someone that is gay??? You do, believe me but your BIGOTRY will never allow them to be open about it. DO you think a child that knows they are different choses to be shuned by society??? DO you think a teenager decides that they want to be gay????? DO YOU REALLY??
    Now lets DISCUSS Ford’s decline in sales over the last year or few years. Could be the poor quality of the vehicles?? NO not that. IS there any American car company that makes SUV’s that has not had a implosion in sales?? As for giving to other support groups, check into the companies your whining about and see ALL of there contributions for the year. Don’t pull one out and say oh my look who they are donating to.
    MY final question I ask you idots “Did YOU ever sit there in YOUR teen years and say hey I’m attracted to the same sex???????!!
    Oh and by the way I will be stopping by MICKEY DEE’s in the morning for breakfast!!!

  3. Dave

    Thanks Roland:

    I believe that Christ calls calls us to loveand respect all people, of course this includes gays and lesbians. But to the extent that the gay and lesbian political
    agenda rejects the teachings of Christ – I will reject
    it. If McDonalds can do with out the teachings of Christ they can get by without my money.

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