Reconnected to the world

Have you missed me? I certainly missed the internet. Funny how that happens. A lot has happened though, in the week since my last post—primarily, we’re moved! Yes, you read that right, we’ve finally moved our belongings into our new home in Oxford…we are finally OUT of the men’s dorm on the campus of the University of Mississippi.

It all happened kinda fast, though, when really it shouldn’t have. See, we closed on the house on May 9. We expected a couple of weeks and we’d move in. But then we waited and waited and waited on the carpet. But you’ve already heard that story. So when the carpet was installed, we suddenly realized we had a very short window before July 1.

So, last week, I drove up to Arkansas on Tuesday; on Wednesday, I picked up the Uhaul, loaded the Uhaul, drove down to Oxford; On Thursday I unloaded the Uhaul, went to the apartment and picked up that furniture and then took it to the house and unloaded it; On Friday we left for a short vacation we’d had planned for a couple of months.

On the way down there (we went to Gulf Shores), I realized that even though we had electricity and water, I’d forgotten to call for phone and internet—because of my work, I have to have internet. So, I called during the vacation and ordered the services. They hooked me up Wednesday morning (we returned from Gulf Shores Monday evening) and I’m not back to the world of the wired.

But I still don’t have phone. It’s supposed to be connected on the 11th. Not sure why it takes so long, but there you have it.

On top of all that, I think I broke my little toe. I don’t say that in a pouty way, but my little toe—y’know, the smallest one? Like a dummy, I was going sockfooted in the apartment while packing up things—heard something (knock at the door? I don’t remember now) and went running to respond…I didn’t turn the corner sharp enough and caught a big bookcase with my little toe. It swelled to twice the size and eventually turned black…and also turned the two toes NEXT to it black. Even now, ALMOST 2 weeks later, it still hurts. I should probably go to the doctor.

And one more thing…we’ve spent about four nights now in the new home. Up until today (well, I’m writing this late Thursday night), we didn’t have a kitchen sink. Well, we had a kitchen sink, but we didn’t have the water connected. Ever tried to survive in your house without a kitchen sink? It’s tough. We couldn’t even empty out water bottles into the sink because it would run into the floor. But it’s in now, and Brittany is very happy because the dishwasher is hooked up, too.

Before this house, SHE was the “dishwasher.” J



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5 responses to “Reconnected to the world

  1. ant'ny

    Congratulations! That’s got to be a BIIIG load off.

    No phone BUT Internet? Sounds a little bit like paradise to me! I’m just sayin’.

    And, usually, for broken toes, I think they just tape it to a neighbor, so save yourself the co-pay, if it’s not getting any worse. (Wow–is that a guy thing to say, or what?)

    Now enjoy your new digs, please.

  2. Quinton J. Bedwell

    Man!!! Glad to hear it! i know exactly how that all is. I moved from Mississippi to West Texas last year and it was horrible. I was SUPER DUPER relieved when it was all over.

  3. Peggy Johnson

    I wondered where you were. I know all about moving in the military. I also know a lot about broken toes. You might suffer with that for two or three months before it heals. Glad to hear you are settled once again. You missed a good Piggott parade this morning.

  4. Ang

    Hey. Glad to hear you are all moved in. I can’t wait to see it with furniture and carpet.

  5. Ant’ny: We FINALLY have the phone in. Funny how now the internet comes faster than the phone, huh?

    Quinton: Hopefully things will return to normal…SOMEtime. We still have a LOT of boxes to unpack, though. I PROMISE you, too, I AM working on “Sanctuary.”

    Peggy: We really hated missing the parade. As you know, we USUALLY make them. With the move and all, it just wasn’t happening. We’ll be up for the St. Francis picnic–hope to see you there.

    Ang: Yeah, it actually LOOKS like a livable house now instead of a concrete slab! 🙂

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