Writin’, readin’, movin’

Seems like we’ve got so many things happening all at once here, I hardly know where to start. So I guess I start chronologically-with the Hemingway Writer’s Retreat.

On Wednesday, I talked in generalities. Well, today is the last day of the Retreat and I’ve got to say that it has been an amazing time. What an incredible experience it was to watch each of the writers dive into the craft…and learn. Not only did they learn and grow, but they had fun doing so each day. It was even more fun to think that I might have done or said something to help inspire them in some small way.

If you’re not sure what happens at this retreat, the staff at the Hemingway Pfeifer Museum and Education Center, spearheaded by Deanna Dismukes, cater to the every need and whim, which includes lunch, of a group of writers-10 this particular week-and allows them to spend an entire week focused on writing.

A wide range of writers attended-I even learned what a “parallel poem” is. Pictured at right are (L-R, from top) Ethel Mohler, Linda Wyss, Regina Crittenden, Pat Laster, Wanda Jones, Heather Seegraves, Monica Moore, Donna (the other mentor), Ethan Baker, me (I wanted to be in the back!), and Bob Jones.

When I got home last night, BJ tried to play a voicemail for me over the phone, but I could never understand it. The gist of the message was that a publisher had reviewed my manuscript and was interested in publishing it. BJ couldn’t make out the name of the publisher, AND the publisher didn’t call the novel by the title so I don’t yet know if they were calling about Buying Time, or The Gifted. Either way, I’m incredibly excited.

We had a brief scare earlier this week when our carpet people informed us the carpet had been put on back order and we were back to the waiting game. Well, BJ got hot! (And those of you who know her know where the “dynamite comes in small packages” saying came from!) To make a long story short, we got a refund from the first folks and she’s lined up another carpet installer-and this one will have it done by Monday!

Which means we can continue ahead with the plans to actually move in during the coming week. For a short period there, we were afraid we were going to have to put off moving our things to Mississippi, something that didn’t make any of us very happy. We are so very anxious to get moved in. I hope that in a week’s time, I’ll be “blogging” from the new house!



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3 responses to “Writin’, readin’, movin’

  1. Peggy Johnson

    The retreat sounded like fun. I may try to sign up for 2009.

  2. Sid

    Great news about the book! Christine has decided to get voice mail from the phone company because the chip in our answering machine makes it impossible to hear messages clearly.

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