Busy summer so far

The summer is well upon us and it feels like we’re off to the races. Which races, I don’t know, but it feels like that anyway. Literally, what with work, kids out of school, summer activities, and trying to finish the house so we can move in, both BJ and I feel like we’re operating on low fumes. Not that I’m speaking for her, but I know she’s tired, too. When we can (meaning, when there isn’t either a meeting or a ball game), we’ve been going to the house in the evening to work. The last two times, we’ve stayed there until about 10 p.m. (remember, this after a full day of work).

We can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re pretty sure it isn’t an oncoming train. Thus far, on the outside we’ve had a new roof and new vinyl siding put on. On the inside, we’ve painted the walls in almost all the rooms. My “office” has yet to be painted—though the kids DID prime it. The “play” room also still needs paint. As mentioned here earlier, I tore up the walls in the kids’ bathroom, but I’ve spackled and spackled and think I’ve repaired all my earlier mistakes. It now needs sanding before we can paint.

The kids desperately want to take drinks into their rooms and we never let them before because of the carpet. Well, after some discussion, they both decided they wanted to try painted floors. So, they are now both painted (drying as I write this).

The last two “major” things we’re doing is having carpet installed in the master bedroom and the living room, and replacing the kitchen counters. We haven’t moved any furniture yet…well, because the floors to the main rooms aren’t ready. With the floors in the kids’ rooms ready, we might start taking some of their boxes (from our apartment) over there.

The pictures here are of: Brett, 7, as a Cub. The Cubs are currently 5-2, the losses coming during the first two games. Brett has played all over, but he’s liking catcher and has told me that he wants to be a pitcher. I made him get out and throw some to me and he’s actually pretty accurate—when I can get him to take his time, that is.

Brittany’s picture is from Lafayette JV softball team. She started at shortstop for the JV. The last few games, she was moved up to the varsity team as a baserunner. She was very excited about that. As a 7th grader, she said there was only one girl on the team who could outrun her. She wanted to go out for track, but it would have interfered with the softball schedule, so she didn’t. She really likes—and we really like—her softball coach. She’s been going every morning at 8 a.m. for the summer workout program. The first few days she came back really sore. I poked at her sore muscles and laughed at her. It’s good for her, though. As part of the program, the girls are in a summer league with all the games being played at the home field—so, no traveling.

Brittany also made the JV volleyball team and will start practicing a few weeks before school starts—kinda like football two-a-days that I remember from highschool.

Brett’s season should end mid-June and Brittany’s should finish end of June. We’ll have a small window of about 2-3 weeks before Brittany has to begin VB practice. She’s already “planned” to spend it with her friends Karlie and Allison.

Whew…and it’s not even really HOT yet!



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2 responses to “Busy summer so far

  1. paco

    your sure do have two great kids. a beautiful daughter and a very handson son

  2. Quinton

    Could you have imagined 10 years ago you’d be where you and doing what you’re doing now… WOW… Me either.

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