Novel interests and Philly

I’m excited to report that both of my novels have gotten some interest the last few weeks. I know there are some writer-type folks out there who think if you talk about something, you’ll jinx it. Well, I’m not one of those. I’m going to talk about them, but I’m going to be vague…just in case.

Buying Time has the attention of an editor with a publishing company and we are actually in discussions about publishing it. They aren’t a traditional publisher in the sense of they print a bunch of copies and then try to sell it. Instead, they are a POD publisher. POD means “Print On Demand.” What with technology being what it is these days, the printing equipment exists so that books can be printed to order…thus “on demand.” That means they won’t be printing a bunch of copies and sending them out, but will be printing them as ordered. Much of the orders will be generated online. IF this happens, I’m going to depend on all of you to not just order a copy, but to tell all your pals to order a copy! J

The Gifted has the attention of an agent, and, one of the top 10 in the Christian Market. Essentially, he liked my pitch enough to see the entire manuscript, which I will be sending him ASAP. Ideally, I’d like to get an agent, even if it isn’t this one. I hope to find one for the long haul, one who’s either in-tune enough with me or who likes my work enough to stick around for the foreseeable future.

Some might question about getting an agent, but I’d like one for a couple of reasons: First, they know the industry and publishing companies far better than I do. They’d know where to send the stuff I have. Second, having an agent would allow me to devote more time to the actual writing and less time to pounding the pavement looking for a publisher (which can take up a LOT of time). I would still do the promotional thing, though. I enjoy that. Lastly, they’ll know the ins and outs of contracts and such and won’t allow me to get into a bad deal (hopefully). The thing is, that is what they do, so doing it for me is just another part of their day. But it isn’t normally a part of my day, so I might miss something.

Obviously for both of them, nothing is in writing yet. I’ll definitely put it here when something happens so that you’ll be among the first to know! Lift them up in prayer or send good vibes, whichever makes you feel better!

I’m leaving for another trip with Elfin Kids in the wee hours of the morning, headed to the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Convention. While I’ve been to an untold number of comic conventions, I’ve never been to this one so I’m looking forward to it. I may—may, try to blog while on the road, we’ll just have to see. May not, too, though.

The other thing different about this blog entry is that I’m writing it in MSWord and it is supposed to be able to go directly into my blog…we’ll see about that one, too!



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2 responses to “Novel interests and Philly

  1. Sid

    When it’s picked up, I think the blogosphere will be very helpful in spreading the word.

  2. ant'ny

    VERY cool, “Roland” (if that’s your real name)! 😉

    Please keep us all posted as things progress.

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