Love your local bank

Sometimes I think I’ll run out of things to talk about when it comes to moving. Then, something happens and I’m reminded that the reason that something happened is because I moved.

One of the things I have not talked about is banking. When you move, you switch banks–unless you use one of the national franchise banks. My own personal feeling has always been that I’d rather put my money in the local bank than in one of the national banks. After all, the money stays local and helps the community and all. Money in a national bank doesn’t help the local community much.

I know Oxford is no metropolis, but it amazes me at the difference between the big banks and the local ones. I won’t mention the bank’s name in Oxford, but I’m going to specifically mention Piggott State Bank. Further, and I know that a few folks from Piggott read here some, I think folks in Piggott need to realize what a good thing they have.

The folks at PSB actually learn your name. Granted, I know they all don’t know my name (and it helps that I’ve got kinfolks that work there), but about 9 out of 12 do. And that’s pretty impressive to me. At my bank in Oxford, they can’t get either my name or BJ’s name right on the same day. The problem is that my driver’s license has my first name and they have the habit of looking at that–even though my checking account has “Roland” on it. And, to top it off, they actually wrote “Billie Jean” for BJ’s name once. In no paperwork whatsoever have they ever seen “Billie Jean.” Just where did they get that? There is one person at our new bank that knows my name–and actually, he gets it wrong about a third of the time. One person out of a staff of 20 or so.

I know that we could go with a national bank to make opening and closing accounts a thing of the past, but we’ve had our problems with them, too, when we had an account with them. For instance, when BJ’s grandfather died a few years ago, she got a little bit of money (all the grandkids did). So, I took it to the bank and forgot to have her sign it. I wanted some cash because–well, I forgot why. But, I didn’t want as much as the check was for and so I filled out a deposit slip getting money back. Well, because I wasn’t BJ, they wouldn’t let me do it. No problem, they didn’t know me at all, I understood that. So, I said, just deposit the money and I’d write a check for cash.

Would you believe she wouldn’t let me do that either?

We don’t bank with them anymore…nor will we ever again.

I know banks have rules that they must follow, but that’s my point. The national chains don’t really care that much about you nor do they really have an interest in getting to know you. The local banks, like Piggott State Bank, seem to make the attempt to know you, your family and a little bit about you. The local bank we switched to in Loretto was like that.

The other thing is that the local banks–particularly PSB–give considerably TO the community. Yes, I know it makes good business sense to invest, but they do it in such a way that they are involved in and invest in the community. After all, it is their community also.

Don’t believe me? The next fundraiser that comes around, visit two banks and ask for contributions of some sort. Visit one of the national chains and visit the local bank–see the difference for yourself.


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  1. ant'ny

    Hmm. I never knew “Roland” wasn’t your given first name. Veddy IN-ter-est-ing!

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