Ponderings in the dark

We’ve become so dependent upon electricity, it’s outrageous. Ben Franklin would be pleased as punch to see Americans using so much of stuff he had to fly a kite to discover.


As I write this, we’ve lost electricity in the middle of a pretty nasty thunderstorm. While watching TWC earlier, we learned the system had already killed a few people in Arkansas as it made its way to Mississippi.


Wait! You say. If you lost power, how are you writing this? Well, my first draft was actually written with a pencil and paper…by candlelight—yes, candlelight!


So the problem was, when the power went off, we suddenly had nothing to do. We couldn’t watch a movie (actually, we were in the middle of one when the power went out); we couldn’t watch TWC to learn why the power went out and to follow the storm; I couldn’t turn my computer on to write; BJ could crank up her work laptop, but the internet was also down so we still couldn’t get any news. All our clocks are digital (and electric) so we couldn’t even tell the time except for my wristwatch…and I couldn’t see that well…plus, I wasn’t wearing it. Hard to see when it’s not on my wrist.


So, the family just all went to bed, leaving me to ponder all sorts of things that one ponders in the dark. Like if I get an ice cream bar, will it be melted? Can I open the refrigerator if I do it in a hurry? Can I see in the refrigerator with the lights out? How come I can’t hear them working on the transformer already? How did The Transformers my son likes so much get their name? Why do police and fire sirens always sound so much louder when the power is off? Why do candles cast such weird shadows? Why do houses/buildings make such weird sounds when the power is out? What is that weird sound in my ceiling? Why did my flashlight quit wor—


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