We bought a house!

Well, as of Friday, May 9, we’re right back in that great big hole known as home mortgage debt! That’s right, we finally found and bought a house here in Oxford, Miss. Talk about a long process. And, if we had a digital camera, (hint-hint wifey) I’d be able to post pictures here for you to see. Oh sure, BJ took pictures, but they’re still on a roll of 35 mm film in her camera. (Anybody know someone looking for a very nice FILM camera? We’ve got one for sale!)

Funny thing about the house we bought though is we’d actually seen one of the informational sheets on it a while back and passed it up. Reason-it listed as western cedar. It’s not that we don’t like western cedar, our home in Loretto, Tenn., was all western cedar, from top to bottom.

We’d actually came close to making a real offer on a different home–we really liked it, too. Problem is, it was so far out in the county that we couldn’t get high speed internet (or tv either, but as most of you already know, that isn’t a problem for us–we don’t watch it much anyway–well, we’ve watched it more in the last year or so that we have in the past several years just because we happened to be at places that already had it!). With my new EIC position with Elfin, I absolutely must have high-speed internet.

So, we reopened our search again and it popped up and we decided to at least go look at it. We discovered that the home was bricked on three sides, with western cedar on the front and on the gables. As for the rest of it–we liked.

Our bankers kicked into high gear (and do I mean HIGH gear) and we were able to sign the dotted line late Friday afternoon even though Sue, our realtor who’d worked with us so long, couldn’t be there. We spent all day Saturday working/painting, and then the back half of yesterday (yes, Mother’s day!) painting.

On Saturday while we were taking a break eating sandwiches, the girl from across the street who is one grade behind Brittany, came over and introduced herself and welcomed us to the neighborhood. She filled us in on all the families nearby. Our kids then spent a few hours on Sunday playing with some different neighbors–hide and seek in our yard.

The kid’s rooms are both painted and look nice. Brittany chose purple and Brett wanted red. Still a lot of work to do around the rest of the house, but we’re excited to be doing it. Sometimes, it seems there are so many things to do that I’ll stand for a minute, pulled in 10 different directions trying to decide what to do.

I’ll add, that my legs and lower back are really, really sore today. My legs are so sore, it reminds me of my high school days in two-a-days football practice.

Pictures to come later–promise.



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3 responses to “We bought a house!

  1. ant'ny

    Congratulations to the Manns! Way to go!

    Hmm…you got her a HOUSE for Mother’s Day? I’m sure that digital camera will be all yours come June. 😉

  2. Clayton

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! finally a place to stay in Oxford. HA HA! You need to be a little more subtle in your hints!!!! Hope you settle in quickly and that this house is above flood plain………..Best Wishes!!

  3. Peggy Johnson

    Congratulations. It will be fun to fix it up after the hard work of moving in is done.

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