Voices in my head

My brain doesn’t have a pause, but man do I wish it did.

I’m sure that I only echo what most other creators will tell you: my hands/fingers can’t keep up with my brain. And I’m not a slow typist. I can pound out the keys on a keyboard when I really get in a groove, and while it doesn’t quite sound like Beethoven, it often sounds like music to my ears. Strange, I know.

Granted, I’m not as fast as my friend who owns an ad agency in Memphis. This guy claims he can type 100 words per minute. And while it sounds fantastic, I’m inclined to believe him as he once produced scripts for me on a pretty quick turnaround while I was editing out in Calif. No easy feat for a slave-driving fiction editor, let me assure you.

However, no matter how fast I’m typing, my brain can move a lot faster than my fingers. It mostly occurs when I’m writing fiction, and especially dialogue. When I’m writing an exchange between two or more characters, I “hear” them speaking to one another. Yes, I hear voices…can you sing the song “They’re coming to take me away?” I hear the characters talking completely with voice inflection and accent and attitude and all that stuff that comes with a conversation.

Not only do I need to type all that in, but creative writers want to mix in the little physical nuances that accompany speakers as they talk. You know, the furrowed eyebrows, the dimple twitches, the sideways glances. That sort of stuff.

That said, generally, I can’t keep up with the voices in my head. They talk too fast.

Not too fast like Yankees talk. But too fast in the sense that my brain is creating all this and I can’t get it down fast enough.

That’s why I wish my brain had a pause button. If it did, I could type everything that ran through my brain…hit the unpause button and let it run for another few minutes…hit the pause button again and start pounding the keyboard again.

Of course, if I simply had a record button in my brain, I wouldn’t need pause. I could just transcribe what goes on up there.

I also think it would be cool if I could just plug in to my computer and download my thoughts. Would sure save some typing time and potential carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands.

If I could do that, there’s no telling what sort of magical and poetic columns you’d be reading is this space.

Alas, I cannot and thus you are stuck reading whatever it is I can pull from the string of thoughts—or every other thought—out of my brain.


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  1. paco

    you need to get “dragon naturally speaking”


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