New project!

I’m excited to get to announce that I’ve just signed on to be a freelance Editor for Elfin Kids, a publishing company out of India. I’m very excited about it all.

I first “met” them by bidding on a writing project at one of the freelance writer websites I visit infrequently. I spotted an ad for a company wanting comic scripts…so I bid. After some time, and a few email swaps, we agreed on all the particulars. I was excited, because I was doing a graphic novel (80 pages!) adaptation of a book that I like AND had used in my English 101 classes.

After some time, the publisher asked me about freelance editing. I kinda put her off because we were still in the middle of trying to move and all that. However, after the move we began swapping emails again, primarily about comics in general. Finally, after some time and discussion, I decided–based on what I was hearing from her–that I could put my skills to good use with them. AND–and this is one of the most important things to me now–my kids would be able to see everything I worked on.

So, last week I signed a freelance “Editor in Chief” agreement with them. And they put me right to work! 🙂 I’ll also travel a little with/for them, which should be exciting. One of the most exciting prospects is the idea of traveling to India and working with their staff of newcomer editors to help train them. Hey–that combines two things I really enjoy: teaching and comics! No, it’s not scheduled yet, but I’m already excited about the prospect. If it isn’t too costly, we might even see about bringing the whole family during one of my trips. But I haven’t talked to them about that yet.

So, while I can’t talk alot yet about the particulars, I’m excited to be involved with Elfin Kids. The publisher, Ratna, recently sent out the company’s mission statement to a whole host of creators. It reads: “To entertain and educate young minds by creating unique illustrated books to recount stories of human values, to arouse curiousity in the world around us, and to inspire by tales of great deeds by unforgettable people.”

Looks like I’ll have to get a passport!



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6 responses to “New project!

  1. ant'ny

    Congratulations, Roland! What an awesome week for you. I’m glad you’re back in comics, where you firmly belong. Keep us posted, please.

  2. Kenneth Renshaw


  3. Sid

    Hey, I didn’t know you’d get to go to India. That sounds great.

  4. Marylane Wade Koch, BCW

    Wow, I am thrilled for you!!! What an opportunity. Thanks for sharing this good news.

    Don’t forget to share it with the BCW crew and give your blog link. Blessings, Marylane

  5. Ang

    Wow – India outsourcing to the USA, that is a good trend.
    And by taking the whole family, do you mean just the wife and kids??

  6. Clayton

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to GO! Keep us posted.

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