Today is my anniversary

Today, April 28, is my 18th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe that I’ve been married for 18 years! But alas it is true and I’m thankful for the 18 years we’ve had. I hope we can have another 18 years…well, not just 18 years, actually more than 18 more because in 18 years I’ll be 61 years old…so maybe even 18 twice…which will be 36 more years and that would make me 77. I think.

But you get the idea.

What a lot of folks don’t know is that BJ and I dated for 7 years–YES, SEVEN–before we were married. Y’see, she put the pressure on me early on and said she wanted a creative proposal. Great. Not only am I nervous just to propose, but it has to be “creative,” too.

So, I came up with the idea to propose to her in my first ever published work. I’d been working toward that goal for several years and believed it to be soon.

Welllll, I wrote a comic book that was supposed to come out in 1988, around the time I graduated from USM. Let me interupt here to tell you something neat I learned this week about the blog. I can put a “link” to pictures and websites in my blog…when you put your mouse on top of the link–DON’T CLICK–a little pop-up images appears with a small picture of the image or link. Try it. Roll your mouse over “1988” above.

Anyway, that book didn’t come out until 1 year later, in 1989. Talk about me having to hold my tongue for forever! In the back of the book, each of the creative team (Me, Mitch Byrd and Steven Butler) wrote a little thank you. BJ had proofed mine several times before sending it out. She knew what it said. She didn’t know that I had added my proposal at the end. When the book came out, I stood around watching her read…She wasn’t going to read it right then because “I’ve read it before.” Well, I had to force her to read it!

She said “yes,” but you knew that one.

So, on April 28, 1990, BJ and I were married in Pinelake Baptist Church, (the old one, out on Spillway Rd–actually, the new sanctuary at the old location) the church I grew up attending. A reception followed in the building behind it.

Since then, we’ve moved all around, but I’ve covered that elsewhere. We attended BJ’s 10 year high school reunion and my 20 year high school reunion–both the only ones our classes have held. At both reunions, several of our classmates had already been divorced and remarried, some more than once. Marriages these days, it seems, is more a matter of convenience.

I’m fortunate to have been married for 18 years. I know my wife reads this because she points out all my mistakes. I can say this for sure, marrying her was not a mistake!

Happy Anniversary, BJ. I love you very much!



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8 responses to “Today is my anniversary

  1. Peggy Johnson

    Happy Anniversary………..may you have many many more happy ones. My husband and I had 35 years together before his sudden death. Things change, so enjoy life now.

  2. Congratulations on 18 happy years!! I remember reading that proposal when I was a young’in and thought that was the cooooooooooolest way to propose! 🙂

  3. ant'ny

    Happy Anniversary, you two crazy kids!

  4. BJ

    I love you too sweetie–Big Time!! God has blessed me tremendously with a loving husband/best friend and two amazing children.

  5. Clayton

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! May you be blessed with many, many more anniversaries to come. It’s hard to believe that all those years have come and gone but look at all the major milestones: Brittany and Brett, and all the friends along the way. Hope you two have a wonderful anniversary and May God continue to bless your marriage and lives! Love ya, Donna and Clayton

  6. Aunt Judy

    Hello Roland and BJ, I was there and still can’t believe it has been 18 years. Wishing you both many happy, healthy years together. I enjoy reading your column each week and now the little added pictures along the way. Keep up the good work.
    Love you all, Aunt Judy

  7. Ang

    Happy Anniversary! It is hard to believe it has been so long. Time sure does fly.
    Love you!

  8. Gwen Rieves Rodery

    Happy Anniversary, Roland & BJ!!!! Hope you have many more. Our 51st is coming in July 20. Five children and 6 grandchildren
    are the result. And we are still thinking it doesn’t seem like that long.
    Carlos & Gwen

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