Make extra NOISE today!

Speak a little louder today. Carry on a conversation with yourself wherever you go…especially in public. Turn up the volume in your automobile, especially if you drive near schools. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest breaking any noise ordinances or laws, but definitely increase the amount of sound you generate today.

Today is the “Day of Silence” as promoted by the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) and it is targeted at public schools for children across the United States. Yes, that’s right…children.

My family is very fortunate in that geographically we are in a state in which the schools are NOT participating in this outrageously ridiculous program. Many states, however, are. To see a list of known schools participating, go to and look for the list of participating school on the hotlist link to the right. You might not be surprised to learn California schools lead the list…you also might be surprised to find your school there.

The GLSEN is trying to push this off as a “tolerance” issue. The problem is, and has always been with this group, is that if you disagree with them, you’re intolerant. But wait–it’s okay for them to be intolerant of us because we simply don’t agree with the lifestyle they’ve chosen? This has never made any sense to me and has really become the biggest bunch of hypocricy I’ve ever witnessed in all my born days! (how’s that for some colloquialism?). And I’m a Baptist!

Thing is, I’ve had (and still have) several friends and good friends in this crowd. I’ve had quite a bit of colleagues as several of the creative individuals I worked with leaned that way. I never beat them up or mistreated them in any way. I treat them–as I try to treat everyone–as individuals. I still think what they do is wrong. Don’t I have the right to that opinion?

And I’m not afraid of them either. Homophobia has got to be about the biggest misused term I’ve ever heard. I’m only afraid of people who look like they are about to hurt me…AND are capable of doing so. I don’t really care what color, race, nationality or whathaveyou they are. Just doesn’t matter.

Y’know, this is whole nonsense is the kind of thing that really makes me mad. My thoughts have always been–and I think I’m in line with most of modern America–don’t bother me, do what you want in private, and we’re cool.

But to try to commandeer the public school system with little kids–a couple of whom belong to me–just to try to brainwash them that the homosexual lifestyle is okay and is all a choice…I’m sorry, but that’s just going a little far in my book.

So, honk your horn all day today. Speak loudly. Be sure our unified voice is heard: “enough is enough.”


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  1. John

    My high school is on there.
    The high school where I student taught is on there.
    Pretty much ALL the schools around her are on that list.

    The school on the list from my area that surprised me the MOST?


    Ummm . . . doesn’t ST. suggest religion. Doesn’t the Bible make itself clear where it stands on that topic?

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