Church of me!

I’m not trying to start a religious debate here today – I won’t even mention theology or anything (which I’m generally pretty happy to do). I’m just talking about concerns of moving, which I’ve talked about here before. Plus, I think the ideas that follow could very well fit for any denomination.

My wife and I consider ourselves fairly conservative folks (I’ve even been accused of being ultra-conservative in the Calvinistic vein). We do our best to live consistently that way and to instill those beliefs in our kids. We don’t watch much television and as a rule stay away from “R” rated movies. Yes, of course there are exceptions to any rule: for instance I love the movies Braveheart and The Patriot, and they are both rated “R” for graphic warfare.

We’re also very particular about what the kids watch, often to the consternation of school teachers and parents of friends on those spend-the-night occasions. We’ve heard all the arguments, but ultimately, BJ and I figure they’re our kids, we’ll raise them the way we think God wants us to raise them. If’n ya don’t like it, get some of your own.

But I started chasing rabbits again.

It seems some people have the attitude that when a church quits serving their needs, they just move on to the next church like trading in a new car or moving to the next spot on the salad bar. That line of thinking is also common in many who are seeking new churches when they move.

It shouldn’t be that way for someone who calls themself a “Christian.” They’re doing more harm to the church than good. And before you start thinking I’m talking about any local churches, I’m not (at least not yet)…we haven’t had the opportunity to visit that many here. I’m primarily thinking of the last time we moved and were seeking a new church home. But I suspect the thought works all over the South.

The attitude seems to be what can the church do for me. We’ve become a generation who prefer the church of me! We don’t go to praise and worship, we go to see and be seen. (sidenote: check out mechurch at: You’ll laugh so hard your side will hurt.)

Instead, we should be looking for a church that we feel most accurately interprets the Bible and (this is a biggie) is populated with people who do their very best to live out those interpretations. We should be looking for churches that are filled with believers who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions and to get involved in all levels of society, including politics. “Religion” is a Sunday thing, “Christianity” should be a 24/7 thing.

So what’s happened to the idea of service? I’m gonna steal from a former president here and say we should not be asking what the church can do for us, but instead we should ask what we can do for our church.

This may be one of those open mouth/insert foot columns. I guess I’m in trouble regardless of where we end up, huh?

Well, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.


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  1. Doug Stewart

    Lotta truth here, Roland. Good job!

    I had been a Presbyterian Church(USA) member for 30 years when I was saved! Talk about a radical change right in the middle of all these folks who had known me for years. I didn’t know what a Calvinist was, or had any care at all about Reformed Theology until my conversion. I think this is the essence of the huge problem within the PCUSA today, but they won’t have to worry about it much longer at the rate that they have been losing members. In the meanwhile, several excellent Presbyterian denominations have been formed from the Believers who have been streaming out of the PCUSA. Also, Reformed Baptists have been growing quickly.

    Yes, and Amen that our faith-walk is a 7-day-per-week process which affects all realms of our action and interaction, including politics. This is why I left the Republican Party over two years ago, to join the Constitution Party. I invite you to check ’em out.

    In the meanwhile, I’ve joined Ronald Reagan in understanding the nine words that strike fear into the hearts of men: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. I don’t trust Pres. G.W. Bush at all, and my trust diminishes more each day in him and his political party.

    The rise of Islam in our society has prompted a personal awareness unlike anything I have ever before experienced in America, which has been undergirded by increasing presumptions of power both in the Oval Office as well as in Congress. This is reinforced by the president’s efforts to create the North American Union (where is he, and who is he with TODAY?!!), accompanied by his unwillingness to carry out his presidential mandate to enforce the Constitution where tens of millions of criminal illegal aliens are concerned.

    This has prompted me to join the NRA, purchase two new pistols, become range-certified, and obtain my concealed-carry permit. I’m also talking this up as much as I can, to as many people as I can. As someone much more rich and famous than me was quoted recently in his passing, “You may have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers”.

    How sad the times have become in the richest nation on earth, when I must include my own government in the list of those whom I perceive as an enemy. My kids are now young adults, but as you’ve pointed out, our view of the world changes when we have kids.

    Blessings to you and yours, Roland!

    Doug Stewart

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