Death and taxes

We’ve often heard it said that there is nothing certain in life but death and taxes, and with tax time coming around, we’re really thinking about them. But I’ve always thought that was kinda morbid. It’s a saying that Americans are fond of…and it may be true, but it’s a bit morbid.

To Christians—and really, to people of many faiths, “death” isn’t really death in the sense that it’s the end of the line. When we think of death we think of it as the end of the line—the final stop. Yet many faiths tell you that death just means it’s time to change buses, or transfer from the grey line to the white line…or from the gray line to the red line; depending on which direction you’re headed.

Of course, now we’ve got various 32-flavors religions telling us that there really is no Hell, that God—well, the god of 32 flavors—won’t send anyone there. When I reach the “end” of the line, I’ll wave to them from my white line bus.

The other certainty is taxes, and man don’t we love to grumble about taxes. I don’t know that anyone’s ever done any research on grumbling, but I’d bet grumbling about taxes would rank #1 in the U.S.

We’re fortunate to live in a country that allows us the opportunity to grumble (for now anyway). Some countries simply tell you to pay your taxes and like it. They’d tell you to be thankful the government allows you to keep any of your money. Of course, if we allow the behemoth that our government has become to continue, that’s what’s gonna happen to us. It would reverse the way this country was intended to be. I could chase that rabbit, but I won’t do it today.

If we really look at it, though, to an extent the same is true here—the government telling us to pay our taxes and like it, I mean. Don’t believe me? Try NOT paying your taxes.

A long time ago, you could not pay your taxes and get the attention of the king. Today, you don’t pay your taxes, you get Ruby Ridge.

Most of us don’t mind paying taxes—and I realize that I’ve just tried to speak for you, but that’s what happens with generalities. While I’d certainly prefer to hang on to more of the very little money that I earn, I don’t mind paying taxes as they were intended back 200 plus years ago—provide for the common defense and for internal transportation systems. What I do mind, is seeing my tax dollars go to support discriminating organizations like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood (an abortion provider), the CDC (which spent 1.7 million on a Hollywood liaison program, a program run by former employees), and even lobbying (how’s that for irony? Many states pay to lobby themselves!).

Our tax monster is so big that it’s getting out of control.

I think (you knew I had a solution coming, didn’t you?) we should be given a big checklist at tax time (yeah, I know, more paperwork) that allows us to check where we want our tax money spent. Don’t want the ACLU (American Communists, I call them) getting any of your tax money? Don’t check their box!

This could solve all the political arguing about what to spend where. Lawmakers would know how much money they have for each section, and taxpayers would know that their tax money is being spent the way they choose. Hey, they already have something on the tax returns about donating to the Presidential race. Picking where we want our tax dollars to be spent is just a natural progression.

But not one that we’re likely to see happen. Gives us too much say!



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3 responses to “Death and taxes

  1. I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  2. Lee

    I say national sales tax…you want beer fine, you pay the tax…you want porn, your sick, but pay the tax. I want a Goldwing, fine I will pay the tax. That will get rid of the IRS…paper work, and me getting mad every April 15th when I hear about people making 17000 a year and getting back 7000, do the math thats over 1/3 of what they made.. And its just a couple bucks over what I pay in.

    I am writing in “None of the Above” in my voting booth this time.

    A very unhappy stockholder!

    PS Yes I am happy to have defended a country that allows me (for now) to complain.

    I am off to teach the future (God help us all)

  3. Peggy Johnson

    Some very good thoughts!

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