Silencing the Christians


I just watched the first few episodes of a series called Silencing the Christians and WOW! This IS the stuff of my second novel–I mean, if you didn’t know it (and if I wasn’t telling you right here right now), you’d think I’d watched the video and then immediately penned the opening chapters of my book. It gets me even more excited about The Gifted, which is a teen series novel I just finished and am currently shopping around. It’s pretty neat, too, because ocassionally one of the speakers will say something to the effect that Christians need to speak up or stand up…The first chapter featuring my main character is (tentatively) titled “The Warning,” and basically says the same thing. While the message of the video is very alarming to Christians, it has gotten me very excited about the timing of my novel.

Funny sidenote: I got a response to my query from one agent that suggested I do some research as most publishers don’t publish 30k word novels. While it may very well be true that publishers won’t publish that length, I had, in fact, done quite a bit of research and found that the word count is recommended for my target age group. So, had he read the entire query letter, he would have seen it was not a traditional adult contemporary, but for an illustrated teen novel. I was very good–I resisted the urge to write him back to point out his error. I may want to send my next one to him. 🙂

One of the cases mentioned in the video, which I’d heard about, but didn’t really know much about, was the case of the Philladelphia 11. What happened was 11 Christians decided to witness on the streets during a “gay pride” parade in the City of Brotherly Love. Seems like the parade organizers caught wind of it and made plans to block them. The entire thing was caught on video. Initially, the group is told they have the right to go anywhere they want to because it is a public street. Next thing you know–they are arrested! Unbelievable, I know. But this is true and happened right here in America!

Another case featured a young Valedictorian giving her graduation speech. Administrators had given her instructions on what to say in the speech–things like “what motivates you,” “what kept you going,” etc. So, being a Christian, she mentioned Jesus. She received an “edited” version of her speech back from the administrators who told her she could mention “God,” but not “Jesus.” She decided the First Amendment protected her right to free speech…however, when she reached the part of her speech that mentioned Jesus, the microphone was cut off and she was removed from the stage!

WOW! In the United States! I know that most of you reading this find it hard to believe. It sounds like fiction–it certainly does to me. Unfortunately, thanks to our ever growing government, it’s all too true…and too scary.

There are other cases, but it won’t be near as powerful coming from me as it is to watch it. It’s free and on the internet–a little repetitive at times (it’s a tv show and they all seem to be a bit repetitive these days), but well worth your time. Go watch it…and then be very very afraid.



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4 responses to “Silencing the Christians

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  2. Peggy Cook

    I sure do enjoy reading your columns. I print them and let my Mother-In-Law read them too. Hope all is well with you. Later

  3. There are scary days ahead of us.

    If the Valedictorian’s speech referenced Allah or Mohammad, I GUARANTEE you that the student would not have been rushed off the stage.

  4. Hi Roland,
    It is amazing to see the end times play out on the news. When I went to school, all the things we were told about the USSR seem to be coming true of the USA. Sad.

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