Play ball!

Well, daylight savings time is already here and spring is right behind it. It’s time to oil up the ball gloves, shine the bats and wipe the dirt out of the mouthpiece. It’s time for some baseball and softball.

Done right, ball can be some of the best memories that can be created for kids—and adults, too. Memories that can last for years and years to come. Dad and I can still recreate games that we had more than 20 years ago!

My family is ready for the season now, too. We were a little disappointed in the local Upward Basketball program. Seems one church has command of the entire local league and, though the season hadn’t started, would not let Brett join a team. He didn’t care which team he was on, he just wanted to play. Don’t get me wrong, our first year’s experience in Piggott last year was fantastic. But there, it was about the kids. Here, it’s about…well, NOT the kids, I guess. Anyway, the good thing is that Brett has put his hurt behind him and is ready to play baseball!

Speaking of being for the kids…I’ve been to some softball games where I’ve wondered if the 10 year old was on the field or in the bleachers. I mean I’ve seen some real stinkers when it comes to parents at games. At the Upwards games, parents and grandparents cheered for both teams. Oh sure, they hollered louder when their own little Johnny did well, but in general, the fans were incredible.

I’m hoping that the upcoming ball season will be just as great and am optimistic it will be so. Brittany has decided to skip summer ball because of being on the school fast-pitch softball team (she’s just been moved up to the Varsity squad, primarily as a pinch runner. She’s very excited about that). Instead, she plans to focus on singing and drama.

I don’t know yet whether I’ll be involved in coaching. If not, it’ll be the first time in five years that I haven’t. We should be finding out about Brett’s team this week.

On top of all that, we should have found a house and will be busy with the  moving process…again. 

But don’t forget the hot dogs and apple pie!


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  1. Hey Daddy♥!
    It will be good for me to take a break from softball for the summer and focus on what I want as a career in my life. I love softball don’t get me wrong, but I want a career as an actress and singer not a softball player. Well I love you and I don’t know about practice today because it’s supposed to rain. I’ll call you and let you know. I love you lots!!!!!!
    Brittany Mann♥(Mo)

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