Submitting my novel

Just last week I started sending out my second novel, The Gifted, for agents to review. I’ve got to get to work, however, and send it out to a bunch more. That is one of my great struggles as a writer–the selling.

I’ve just come from a writer’s conference in Memphis where it was once again hammered in to my brain that writing is only about half of the writer’s job. The other half is trying to market it.

I don’t mind–actually, I enjoy the marketing of the work after it is published. What writer doesn’t like to talk about the things they have written. Some of the best times I had during my days in the comic industry were attending comic conventions and talking about comics! It was always fun talking with people who’d read my stories and wanted to share their reading experience. It was fun, too, when some of those readers would catch nifty things about the story–planned or unplanned. Hey, it isn’t unusual that a writer will get the germ of an idea from a conference and then work it into a project. But…that’s cool!

The part of marketing I’m talking about that I don’t like, is the okay-i’ve-got-this-finished-now-what-do-I-do-with-it marketing. If the conference speaker was correct and marketing like that takes up 50% of a writer’s time–then doggone it, I don’t even want to do that. That’s time that I could spend writing something different.

That’s one of the reasons that I’m concentrating on submitting to agents rather than straight to publishers. An agent (hopefully) is someone who does the “marketing” aspect full time, they’d know the industry far better than I would, too. I could focus on the writing and they could focus on finding a home for the writing. Without an agent, not only would I have to write, but then I’d have to go and study about the industry before actually working at submitting–and yes, the submission process is work! Trust me, I’ve done my share of that.

Anyway, I’ve spent time revamping the novel and studying the agents…now I’m seeing if I can’t get their attention. After that, back to writing…I’ll be working on novel #3. Meanwhile, I’ve also updated my “projects” page–I’ve added “BEAH.” My good pal, Ant’ny will be interested in that page.


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