Miztakes are humen

Miztaks are humen. I doughnot like to make them. No one does.

I’v lernt over time that many people eggspect, publishers, including newspapers to be purfect.

The truth of the madder is that the newspaper is porduced by human beans. As humen beans, we will make misteaks just like ne one else.

One pursen has sayed to me bfore that becauz I had a deegree that I should not of made ne miztaks. I considered tellling that purson that I had too deegrees, but dicided that was probably not a wize idea, especially since I’d just made a misteak in the papur and they had pointed it out. And especially agin since that mistook had to do with sumethink about them. I haeted it, but that’s aslo one of the problums of publeeshers and newspepers: once you make a misteke it’s prented there. Ferever. And Ever. Oh sure, we ken go bak and run thangs agin with a kerrected version—and offen do.

Miny newzpapers and magzines run a regulor “oops, we goofed” box inn which thay apologize fir their snafus.

Why is it thut we eggspect so much purfection when none uf us are peerfect? Why is it that we expect cirtin porfessions to be mistekke free? We eggspect this of docktors, don’t we? After all, don’t we get all riled up when we lurn of sum docktor down in Floreeda remuving the rong leg at amputation time? Ask any doktor and I’d bet they’d tell you they’ve made mizsteaks, too. Well, the onest ones will. But a doktors mistake can have a bigger negative affeck than a misspelled word in a newzpaper—not that dey misspell eny.

What about pharmacists? If they make a misteake, it culd most certainly affect yer health.
Whut about poleece occifers? Haven’t we all heard the storees of an accidental shotting of a kid wth a water pistol at night? We get all up in arms about sumthing like that because a chilld has been hurt. But if we were to put oursefes in that very same posishun, we might well have made the same miztake.

Fast food places nver make misteakes, though. They have their perduction line down to such a science that they allways remove the pickles when u ast them to, or they wil alwayz hold the mayo. They nvr punch the Big Cowburger buddon twicj when you only ardered one.

And yyet, don’t we ofen get mad winn that happuns? Maybee not the buddon—we catch the higher prise pretty quik. But we know the cowburger has piggles when we take that firs bit.

Mose folks will tri ta correct a mistaeke pretly quick. I sid most. What makes evun sum of the most patience of us angri is when folcs are relucktent to correct a mistaeke. We’re usually vely willint to forgive, but in the same reggard, we expect a correckshun. When thet doesn’t happin…luuk out.

Although I nevr make mistakes here (note to myself: be sure to edit this out before publication), I strife for purfeckshun in everthing we do. Its natral…it’s humen. But it’s aslo humen to make misteaks. So—and this peace of advice is included free—forgife the mistaekes made by uthers tooday. It’s likelee you’ll make one bfore the daze oout, two.



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4 responses to “Miztakes are humen

  1. Wow, that’s an encredable job of error making. 🙂

  2. Hope Ermert

    Very difficult to read….lol…interesting, though.

  3. Hey Roland!

    When I opened the email and started reading, I was amazed. What a great way to get attention for the topic!

    How long did it take you to write that?!?

  4. Wasn’t as difficult to write as it is to read. 🙂 Actually, I wrote it out without errors, first. Edited it, then went back in and edited “in” the errors. Laughed while I was doing it!

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