Brett calls the Hawgs!

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a Razorback basketball game with my son, Brett. We had a great time. Of course, it would have been better had the Hogs won, but it was still a fun father/son outing.

It was all Brett could talk about for two whole days. When I said he’d have to go to bed early Monday because we’d be up late for the game, he didn’t argue one bit and went to bed right on time.

I’ve only ever been to one other Razorback basketball game, and that was a game in Fayetteville that I saw with Dad once when the family went up to catch a football game.

On Tuesday, the day of the game, Brett was ready to leave promptly around 6–but the game didn’t start until 8. I figured it would take us 10-15 minutes to walk there and so had planned to leave around 7:30. Brett negotiated with me, however, and we ended up leaving around 7:15.

Ole Miss fans also wore red to the game, so we didn’t really stand out as much as I thought we would–except when cheering. I was surprised that there didn’t seem to be many Arkansas fans in attendance. I would guess–based on the cheering alone–that there were 100 or less hog fans. This out of a total of about 8,000.

Brett devoured popcorn and coke and cheered for the hogs from tip-off until the final buzzer sounded. His cheering voice brought encouragement from nearby hog fans and smiles from everyone, Hog and Rebel alike. He’s only 7, but I believe he had a great time. He ended up riding piggyback most of the way back home.

Daddy had a pretty good time, too!


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