College students are…

I’m sure this entry will almost seem as if I’m picking on the students at Ole Miss, particularly those who use the parking lot where I currently park my vehicle, but I assure you, I’m not. If I’ve learned one thing about moving all over the place it’s that–in general–people are pretty much people regardless of where they are. The same applies, I’m sure, to college students.

But man are they some trashy, lazy people.

Most of you know the hurried nature of our move–it happened very fast over the Christmas break. Because of the speed which the move occured, the university has allowed us to live on campus while we familiarize ourselves with Oxford and house shop. Prior to moving here on Dec. 27, I’d only been to Oxford once before; that was in 2003, when Dad and I went to watch the Razorbacks and Matt Jones face the Rebels and Eli Manning.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re incredibly grateful. After all, can you imagine trying to buy a home not knowing anything about the community–at all?

I don’t really remember if I was like the students around us when I was that young or not. I’m sure that I had similarities. One thing I didn’t have was their laziness and their driving/parking abilities–or lack thereof. Parking on college campuses are very restricted. Students who live on campus has specific areas in which to park, as to faculty-staff, and off campus students. But these students are so lazy that they will drive from one on-campus lot to another to keep from walking too far. It reminds me very much of mall parking just before the Christmas holiday.

Not only that, they’ve completely forgotten how to handle four-way stops. I can remember that and I’m much further removed from my tests than most of them. It’s almost a free-for-all at the four way stops on campus here.

And trashy. I see the grounds crew regularly walking through the parking lot with a big trash bag and a stick, picking up trash left by the students. You’d be amazed at how much trash a single men’s dorm can accumulate–and that’s just on the ground in the parking lot. Not only that, they’ll toss trash out their window from several stories up. I can only assume they find that amusing.
I know that they come here to get edumicated–but I sure wish faculty could speed part of the process up as they sure don’t act it.

Funny, too, the student run newspaper continually whines about the “parking problem.” There is no parking problem here. I drive the kids to school every morning and pass several lots with many, many empty parking spaces. The problem is that the college students are too lazy to walk to class. I remember when I was a student, I parked my car in the lot, and then it generally didn’t move until I went home that weekend…or to the comic shop mid-week.

We have been house-shopping a couple of times. We haven’t see that house that just calls out to us, but we have seen a couple we like. Once BJ heals up, we’ll get back on the house-hunting path. Until then, we’ll grin and continue to be thankful we have the time and luxury to look for the right house.


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