An update on BJ and a video

Well, thanks for all the emails and comments regarding BJ’s headlong plunge down the stairs. She’s since found out that the stairs in question have seen others fall at that very spot. Dunno what it is, but must be something.

Anyway, she went to the doctor on Tuesday and he said she was progressing nicely. He wanted her to try to start walking now as much as she could, but still icing the bruises. (Before she was told not to walk at all) She’s still using a crutch, but she’s hobbling around the apartment much better now than before. She’ll return to the doctor Friday to see how she’s doing and to find out if it’s okay for her to return to work on Monday.

You’ve seen Brittany’s videos posted on here before, and below is yet another. Below you’ll watch her sing “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” She performed this and other songs on December 24, at the Piggott Community Center in Piggott, Ark. for the Holifield family Christmas party. It was her first “paying” gig!

She thought about the teddy bear all by her lonesome, too!

The JV softball game was cancelled yesterday, so now she is anxiously awaiting for the game at New Albany on Thursday.



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3 responses to “An update on BJ and a video

  1. Peggy Johnson

    So glad that BJ is progressing. The video was very nice. That’s a talented little girl you have there. I hope she keeps progressing too.

  2. Hey Dad♥. I couldn’t go to the nurse because she wasn’t in there and so yeah. Well if the game is not cancelled from the rain then we are going to leave at around one thirty. Well I love you! See you at the game.
    Brittany (Mo)♥

  3. Clayton

    Glad to hear BJ is doing well. Be a good nurse to her!! I can’t believe the video, thanks for sharing it. So, Brittany is like what, 16, now??????? You better prepare yourself for what happens next, it won’t be LONG! Love to all!

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