The hardest part of moving?

One of the things about moving is having to find all the new daily living requirements. School and job are obviously the first thing that come to mind. A new school is especially on the mind of the kids. For the first three weeks, Brett counted the number of days he’d been at his “new school.” He’d get in the car after school and I’d ask him how his X day at his new school was. After that third week, he said it wasn’t new anymore.

That’s a good thing, obviously, but there’s still a lot of new going on. We visited Mom and Dad in Piggott just the other weekend and I was able to get my hair cut again (thanks, Shelby!) and so I was able to put off finding another barber/stylist for one more cut.

BJ had to go to the doctor last week and she ended up going to the health center on campus. (For those of you who asked, she’s fine, just really bruised and sore. Nothing broken.) That’ll do in a pinch, but not sure it’ll work for our family doctor.

BJ and Brett both have dentist appointments this week and she just had to rely on the recommendations of some of the folks she works with. That’s usually how all the “new” suppliers are found, isn’t it?

Even something simple as where to buy gas for your car is something that has to be considered. We are creatures of habit and have the tendancy to find something that works and just keep doing it. Heck, if it wasn’t for Wal-Mart being in or near most small towns in the South, we might have had a sort of culture shock every where you go. Thankfully, Wal-Mart is pretty much Wal-Mart no matter where it is.

One of the toughest new things to find is a church. Folks who haven’t moved churches much…or ever (yes, I do know some folks like that)…have no idea how tough it can be. There are so many things to look for: Sunday School class, preaching, music, activities for the kids, what exactly do they believe…

And it makes it even tougher when you have a church home that you really like and then have to move. Around here, it seems you can either have your choice of a “contemporary” worship or a “traditional” worship. BJ and I like a mix–Clayton Wilbanks , a friend and music minister where we once went to church, is, in our opinion, one of the very best at getting a good mix of traditional music and contemporary music. We went to a church last week where we didn’t know any of the songs sung. Apparently very few others did as most in the congregation didn’t sing. Oh, sure, we enjoyed the drums and guitars, but I would have liked to have known about half of the songs. Hey, I listen to AFR–where did they get those songs from?

We live in such a politically correct world today that many preachers are afraid to deal with the tough issues. I certainly understand that, but we want someone who isn’t afraid to deal with the truth that is presented in the Bible. If he steps on toes, so be it.

Mostly, I think we want the people we worship with to be real. I want the people who will share the Sunday School hour and the worship hour with me to be real…real problems and issues the same as me. I don’t want fake religiosity or the “Sunday only” Christians–and there are a bunch of those at any church you go to. Sure, you don’t expect perfection, but an honest to goodness effort. Thing is, that’s just hard to tell in just a visit or two.


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4 responses to “The hardest part of moving?

  1. Lee

    Man I feel your pain… a dr so that is good, no dentist as I don’t know which ones are in the wallace plan, so cleaning is done by the dental students for 10 bucks…as for a church it looks like I am going into bi-vocational world at First Baptist.

  2. Deanna

    The church issue is relevant whether or not you move. Sometimes you just reach a point where you know you’re in the wrong place, and sometimes you have to “wait on the Lord.”

  3. Clayton

    It’s difficult to find a church home after a move. You have to trust God to send you to a place that you fit in and can faithfully serve Him. That’s been my family’s motto. TRUST GOD!! That’s the hardest part. If He sends, He provides. Keep your eyes focused on HIM! It’s very difficult finding a place that matches up to what you’ve experienced somewhere else before, (especially when you had the best) Believe me, I’ve tried! I’ll be praying for you guys.

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