The finger(s) point to “user error”

My shoes squeak.
It’s not a loud squeak, but a small one. Not a squeak like a mouse, but a squeak like the leather on a horse saddle. It’s not that big of a deal, but it is a minor annoyance. It probably annoys me more than anyone else. Every now and then, the squeak actually causes me to walk a little funny—y’know, I try to cause my heel to hit the ground at a slightly different angle to see if I can get the squeak to stop.

I know you might say the shoes are cheap. They aren’t—well, at least not to someone trying to live on an editor’s salary. They certainly aren’t the top of the line shoes, but they’re not cheap.

And even if they were cheap, so what? Cheapness shouldn’t affect their squeakiness.
I mean, think about it. If you buy a cheap car, does that mean it will squeak? Well, it might shake, rattle and roll, but not squeak.

We have a tendency to say we get what we pay for; suggesting that trying to save money is a bad thing. We think of cheap cars as constantly needing repair work. When that happens, we’ll call a cheap car a lemon.


Why insult a fruit because a car is bad? Is it possible that at some point in time an engineer was eating a lemon while he designing a car and then the car turned out bad? Are lemons to be blamed for poor workmanship? Might as well, they can’t defend themselves.
So, do cheap cars crash? One could make an argument that cheap cars have skimped on safety features, but I’d argue that it isn’t the cheap car that causes the crash. It is the driver…or “a” driver.

Therefore, it is “user error.”

A cat or dog may run out in front of a vehicle, but the user chooses to turn the wheel to avoid running over Tabby or making Fido a hood ornament.

Yes, I know “user error” is a computer term, but it still fits here, doesn’t it? While we’re on computers, why do they “crash?” I’ve never in my entire life seen two computers fail to yield at a yellow light and then run into each other. If computers are capable of crashing, maybe new legislation should be introduced that will force computer users to carry liability insurance. After all, crashes normally hurt people.

The only true computer crashes I’ve ever seen are when the user throws the machine off the desk.

But again, user error.

Micro$oft would sure have us believe all computer errors are caused by user error. They wouldn’t want you thinking that any fault belongs to the MicroSlop software.
But really, it is user error that causes many of the aches and pains of our society, don’t you think? We may yell and scream at the technological wonders that we use daily, but it usually boils down to user error. And that means us.

That hurts, don’t it?

So, do my shoes squeak because of user error?



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5 responses to “The finger(s) point to “user error”

  1. ant'ny

    Get yourself a skateboard. Put the squeaky foot on the ‘board and push yourself with the other. Problem solved!

  2. step 2nd cuz

    A good Arkansas cure for squeaky shoes is WD-40.

  3. Magoo

    That isn’t what you said the last time your computer “crashed” and you had to replace all your data.

  4. step 2nd cuz

    try WD40

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