Family, kids, and moving

Any parent worth their salt enjoys talking a bit about their kids when you mention family. My parents say it becomes a whole new ballgame, though, when you introduce grandkids. I don’t know about that yet. But I do know I’m no different when talking about my own kids. Not only that, but I’d be in serious trouble, if I talked much about something else in this space without telling you a little something about my kids. I could probably get away with it from my son – he’s more forgiving than my daughter.
That could be because Brett is only 7, Brittany is 12. So maybe age has more to do with it than the forgiving aspect. Brittany’s an avid reader and has been reading everything Daddy’s doing now – she’ll know if I fail to mention her! She’s got her own blog, going, too. She still recalls, with much laughter, the column I wrote about going to work having forgotten that she painted my fingernails pink. Oh come on! Stop laughing like you’ve never done something like that! I’ll reprint it here sometime.
Brittany also loves fast pitch softball (it helps that her dad has been her coach and has been for the last 3 years) and is very much in to music and drama. We were here all of one week when she started practice with the Lafayette County School softball team. She’s loving it. She’d probably fuss at me for saying this, but she has a very outgoing personality and though the move will initially be hard on her, she’ll have made new friends within the week. Be warned, too, she likes to tell people she was born in California. I think that’s because most folks in the South are generally born in the South. I know that sounds like a “duh!” but my experience showed me that only about half of Californians are born in California, the rest tend to come from somewhere else. Sure, there’s state line crossing in a lot of families, especially those close to state lines. But you must admit there aren’t a lot of people living around these parts who were born in New Jersey.
Brett, on the other hand, was born in Alabama. He’s very much into superheroes. Yes, it also helps that Daddy enjoys superheroes. Brett’s favorites are Spider-Man and Superman. He had fun in machine pitch last year but his coaches didn’t teach them much, instead waiting until “all-stars” to really start teaching any of the boys. He is ready to move up to the next league – or so he says.
I have fun imagining the fits my family will give genealogists in the years to come: my Mom was born in ARK., Dad was born in MI., I was born in TENN., BJ in MISS., Brittany in CA., Brett in ALA., and now we find ourselves back in Mississippi, no two of us having been born in the same place. Having done my share of genealogical research, I almost snicker at the head-scratching that will go on.
After two weeks of “new” school and new job, things are moving right along. We’re visiting churches and we’re anxious to get quickly plugged in to the activities in our community.



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2 responses to “Family, kids, and moving

  1. Peggy Johnson

    Hey, I’m a mover myself. I was born in Missouri, lived there for 20 years, moved to San Antonio briefly, then Louisiana, (twice), Florida, Indiana, California, New Mexico, Arkansas, Washington State, then Arkansas again. I’m here to stay. I claim Arkansas, but both kids were born in Louisiana. Peg

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