Dryer confessions

A few posts ago I bemoaned my dryer and how I thought I’d ruined the thing but then after some Confederate-American engineering, I got it running again. I got a few emailed suggestions, a few diagnoses and general empathy about my dryer pain.
Okay, here’s the truth about my dryer…But first, let me talk about how my Dad fixed a television once oh so many years ago.

My Dad’s pretty mechanically handy. He’ll fix just about anything…or at least he’ll try. There’s times I remember him taking something apart that wasn’t working just to see if he could figure it out. More times than not, he got it working. I’m betting there’s times he wishes I had paid more attention to him all those times he was talking about fixing this or fixing that. There’s times I wish I had paid more attention.


Back in the days before cable, when I was still in high school, we had a television that had a very snowy picture. Oh, it didn’t always have a snowy picture, but it grew into the snow. Well, Dad, being the fix-it-all (notice I said “fix-it-all” NOT “know-it-all”) that he is, broke that thing apart and worked and worked on it. And worked and worked and worked.

Finally, he decided it had to do with the switch…y’know, the round knob that we had to turn to actually change channels back in the day. Having decided that there was a problem with the switch, he set about the task of fixing it. However, it was almost the un-fixable problem.


Finally, he discovered a 5 cent solution. That’s right, a whopping five cents. That solution?

A pencil.

Yep. Seems no amount of fidgeting with the knob would get it to work properly. But when he jammed a five cent pencil into the hole in which the knob fit into the television, the screen cleared up as pretty as you please. So for the last few years of that poor television’s life, it had a pencil protruding from the knob used to change channels.

So, seems I was indeed paying attention to my dear old Dad. Know how I ultimately fixed my dryer? That’s right. A pencil.

Seems no amount of beating at the top would get it to stop falling low enough to allow the “tub” to rub…so I stuck a pencil in the top which lifted the dryer top up just enough that the tub doesn’t rub it every rotation.

There. I’ve confessed. Ya happy now?



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4 responses to “Dryer confessions

  1. Peggy Johnson

    Like father, like son.

  2. guess who

    Hey, what are you doing???giving away my secrets..
    i could make millions if i had enough pencils.

  3. Keiko

    Hello!! How are you doing???
    Thank you for the e-mail ;D
    I am glad that I am a reader of your page now.

    Well, I didn’t know the 5 cents pencil would fix something. I was always hitting the top of the TV when it got something wrong. lol

    I will grab a pencil at first from now!

  4. Peggy Johnson

    I looked but The Dollar Store didn’t have any five cent pencils.

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