The test is over

Well, the dreaded GRE has been taken and is finally over. Whew. Talk about hard, though–and I even studied. I almost didn’t though…but decided otherwise. There were some words on the verbal section that I’d never heard of before. Even the words that I knew the meaning of, I had a difficult time trying to figure out the relation of it to another word…and then trying to figure out which pair of words had the “most” similar relationship.

It’s done, and that’s what’s important. I’ve got to focus on getting the rest of my paperwork turned in by Feb. 1.

Campus–and thus our living situation–has sure changed this week. Students returned. Prior to this week, I was able to park right up next to my door…well, almost. Now, I’ve got to circle the parking lot to find an empty space. Returning from taking the kids to school this morning was by far the worst so far. Beginning of the semester and they’re just parking any which way…and that includes filling up the dorm parking lot by commuters. I’ve got more to say about parking…but I’ll save that for another time.
We’ve also noticed considerable more noise in the lobby where the men in this dorm have a big screen tv that runs constantly. I’ve walked in there at 1 a.m. before to find the tv blaring to an empty room.

The “Projects” page didn’t do exactly what I thought it would. I had in mind it being more like my Bibliography page. I thought we could click on it…THEN be given the choice to view the various projects. Instead, they appear as sub-heads to the right. I may play with that to see if I can’t change it up.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to resubmit my revamped first novel to the agents who expressed interest. I’m still hoping for some feedback from novel #2 before I make any final revisions and send it off to agents. Then, I’ve got to finish working on the project that I can’t talk about yet–but it is pretty cool. I’ll post more details when I’m given the green light.


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