Settling in

We successfully made it through the first week of school and work. Brittany has been practicing softball until about 6:30 each night. She’s also very excited to learn that she can try-out for the drama class and not have to wait until 8th grade to join. It seems the transitions here are going much better than to Piggott. Brittany came home friday with three 100s, and Brett came home with about 6 graded papers, nothing below a 95.

BJ’s first week seemed to go well, also, she just came home every day tuckered out. It’s been three years since she had to go to the office everyday, and the routine is proving tough to get back into the swing of. The good thing is that she’s really enjoying what she’s doing. She is going to be doing a lot of traveling in Feb. and March though as she’ll have to hire about 10 new folks for the coming school year.

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m not very mechanically minded. So it is with great pride that I’m able to announce that I “fixed” the dryer. Well, I’m not so much sure that I fixed it than I am it just doesn’t make noise anymore.

When we first hooked it up on our arrival here, it made a really bad thumping sound, a little like the big barrel inside was off kilter somehow. I figured what happened what that I probably let it down too hard and broke something inside. BJ and I talked about it and ALMOST went to buy a new one–that one, after all, is about 13 years old. But, something came up and we didn’t go.

In my new duties now since the move, I’m washing clothes. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on…well, anything with that thumping going non-stop? So, it got the better of me and I grabbed a screwdriver and a hammer and decided to pop the hood.

Once I’d actually gotten the top off (a thirty-minute process for me), I realized that I’d somehow dented the top. Well, “somehow” isn’t too difficult to figure out. It’d been in Dad’s shed for several months, and when boxes weren’t stacked 10 feet high on it, I was standing on top of it trying to reach something stacked higher.

See, I knew I’d need the hammer!

Hey, it doesn’t make that thumping sound anymore…but it does have little dent marks on the top now.

I’ve been studying and doing practice tests for the GRE, which I’m scheduled to take Wednesday. What’s killing me is the math. I could probably go on and on about it, but I’m sure all I’d hear is violins. 🙂

I’ve started a new page on my blogsite. As I mentioned a while back, this whole blogging thing is new to me so as I piddle around and mess with all the cool things that WordPress will let me do, I learn new things.

I’ve got a bibliography page up, but that just shows what’s already been published. So, I put up a “projects” page to talk about some of the stuff I’m working on. For now, I’ve only got information about Buying Time and The Gifted, my first two finished novels (Yes, I am working on a third. I’m actually 20,000 words into it already!), but I’ll be adding information about some of my other projects as I go along. Except for one–I just got an email that I couldn’t announce it yet–the publisher wants to announce it first. But I’ve started work on it!



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4 responses to “Settling in

  1. Hey Daddy♥. This is your daughter. I am at school in Quest. We aren’t doing anything right now. Nice website. See you when I get home.
    Love you,
    Brittany Mann♥(Mo)

  2. peggyjohnson

    Hey, Roland, Sounds like your dryer was out of balance from the move. All I know is that not a lot goes wrong with a clothes dryer except a timer or belt, but that isn’t true for the washer. My dryer is umpteen years old, an old Sears Kenmore. Glad you are getting settled and adjusting. Good luck on your test. Peggy

  3. Lee

    Hey Roland,

    We are now gone from Piggott. Our last two weeks went by and nothing major took place. I am at WSCC now and loving it…should have done it ten yrs ago.

    Maggie is in fast track so she is here all day, Liz has applied for a job here in special ed services so she will be here hopefully. Matt is playing B’ball and I mean playing, great coach, great team. He is loving life.

    This is my email until my wallace one gets up. They are waiting on my laptop to get in to set it all up. Phone is still the same for about 3 more weeks. Give me a shout.

    Prof. Lee

  4. Hey Daddy♥! I love you. In quest again and we are writing a script on Pandora. Gotta go. See you around 2:30. Love you. Tell Mommy♥ I love her. Have a good rest of the day!
    Love ya, your daughter,
    Brittany Mann♥(Mo)

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