Moving #2

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was writing about moving to Piggott, Ark. In fact, it was just a little more than a year ago when I bemoaned the trials of trying to find a new doctor, dentist, hair stylist, school, church, etc. And, once again, we find ourselves doing those very things.

As luck would have it, BJ, Brittany and Brett all got sick the day after Christmas–the day we were scheduled to move. Because of the doctor trials (see the paragraph above), we decided to stay in Piggott one more day and let them all go see someone they knew. Turns out Brittany had a pretty back case of strep throat. I have to be careful saying those words as I used to catch “it” every time I was near it. I’ve had the dreaded S.T. several times in one year! That is, until I got my tonsils out. But that wasn’t until I was about twenty-five.

So, we load the truck and the van Beverly Hillbillies style and head south for Oxford on the 27th, one day after the plan. Of course, seeing that all three of the others were sick, you know who got the mule’s…er, lion’s share of the unloading. Yep. Me!

As we unpack, we find boxes we didn’t realize we had and certainly don’t think we need now. But, because our apartment living is temporary (Thanks, UM!), we don’t want to get rid of our good strong moving boxes, and especially the wardrobe boxes.

SO, in our small apartment, we now find we have three “stacks” of boxes going: 1)yard sale. We realize we don’t need it anymore, we’ve outgrown it or just don’t use it. These boxes go back to Mom and Dad’s (thanks Dad!) for the upcoming Piggott city-wide yard sale in April. 2)keep, but don’t need right now. We realize that this apartment living is temporary, so we’re trying to keep things in boxes that we don’t really need right away: 50 stuffed animals for instance. We’re not telling the kids to toss’em, but that we really don’t need to unpack them only to have to pack and unpack them again in 6 months or less (hopefully less). 3)empty boxes. These, we know we’ll need again when we move so we don’t want to throw them away. I’ve become an expert taking the small boxes and fitting them inside a slightly larger box and then a slightly larger box, etc., etc. Very Cat In The Hat style!

To top it off, we wake up this morning to find the van has a flat tire (left front). As I’m airing it up with the compressor (which is mine, Dad!), I notice the right front tire has a gret-ol-big nail in it! So, it’s off to GoodYear tire to spend some of BJ’s paycheck which she hasn’t gotten yet! 🙂

We are, however, now mostly unpacked. We’ve got about a dozen kitchen boxes and I’ve got two or three of my “office” boxes that I’ve yet to unpack. But, for the most part, we’re unpacked. I’ve just got to figure out what to do with the stacks of boxes now in my way.



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2 responses to “Moving #2

  1. peggyjohnson

    I enjoyed your account of your trip to Oxford, and the packing and unpacking. I’ve done that many times in the military, from state to state. Yes, the moving van moved the family stuff, but there’s always tons of work to prepare for their arrival and days of unpacking after we reached our destination. Once, our furnishings were “lost” for three weeks. I hope you enjoy your new home in Mississippi. Peggy

  2. ant'ny

    my wife and i had a temporary move, back in the day. we flattened all our boxes, to minimize their space, and then just taped ’em back together again when it came time to move on.

    hope you’re staying healthy


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