I’m pooped. Plum tuckered out.

Monday I spent the day loading up the Uhaul with the help of Dad. We’re moving “lightly” because it’s all happening so fast. The University has been very gracious to us, supplying us with an apartment for a few months while we house shop. Because of that, I didn’t have to move much of my furniture–and therefore I won’t have to move it twice. Yeah, I’ll still have to move boxes of clothes and such, but that’ll be easier than the entire house.

We took the kids with us Monday and then took them both to the school for them to look around. The elementary principal assigned Brett a teacher and took him to meet her. He’s raring to go. Brittany got to meet the middle school counselor who showed her around. She also got to meet the softball coach–they start practice right after the new year!

One of the cool things about the middle school is that they assign two sets of books: one to stay in the classroom and one to go home with students so they don’t have to lug them around and home.

BJ brought the kids back to Piggott after touring the schools and I set about unloading the Uhaul. After I’d been unloading about 45 minutes, a couple of the RAs began helping me. Saved my back having them help me! 🙂

BJ came back on Wednesday and we spent the next day setting up the kids’ rooms hoping to surprise them and hopefully make the transition a little easier on them. She and I returned to Piggott today (Thursday). We’re here until the 26th when we’ll head down to Oxford to stay.

I helped Brittany set up a blog…as soon as she gets some material on it, I’ll point you that way.


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