Preparing to move #2

It will likely be several days before I’m able to get online again. Boxes have been packed and a U-haul has been rented. Anticipating the move, my back has started to hurt.

The plan is to get the U-haul on Monday, load it up while the kids are still in school, and then take off to Mississippi that afternoon/evening. On Tuesday, we’ll take them to visit their new school so they won’t be completely blindsided in January. Their class size will nearly triple (entire grade, not classroom). Each of them are in classes that range from 60-70 students at Piggott. At their new school, the class size is 180-190. But, the benefits that come from such a large school are incredible. The school is able to offer so much more.

Tuesday afternoon, after the school tour, BJ will drive back with the kids while I unload the U-haul into our temporary apartment on-campus (thanks Ole Miss!). Our temporary arrangement will give us the opportunity to get to know the area better before buying a house. At least we won’t have to rush into it.

Wednesday BJ will drive back down to Mississippi and we’ll unpack the boxes and get the place set up–mainly the kids’ rooms.

Thursday we’ll go back to Arkansas to spend Christmas with the family. Then, after Santa visits, we’ll head down there for good. It’ll likely be closer to the new year by the time I’m back online…we’ll just have to see. If so, I’ll wish you all a Merry Christmas now! 🙂



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4 responses to “Preparing to move #2

  1. Sid

    Hope it all goes smoothly. I’m addin’ you to my Blogroll, dude!

  2. Billy Corgan

    Tell Houston I said Hi 🙂

  3. rolandmann

    Funny thing–I actually sat next to Houston in a restaurant this past week. My daughter got his autograph!

  4. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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