Preparing to move

Well, the Mann family is once again preparing to move. BJ and I have just returned from Oxford, Mississippi, where she will be starting a new job as Associate Director of Housing for the University of Mississippi at the first of the year. My plan is to enter graduate school. Although I’m leaning toward the MFA, I haven’t written off the PhD.

It’s kinda exciting–not the mov”ing” part, but the move. Just returning from this trip, we’re excited about¬†the great deal of opportunities in Oxford for the family. Personally, I’ve always liked the “atmosphere” of a college town. Of course, many of BJ’s jobs have kept us either on or near a college campus, so we’re very comfortable with that. I like the idea of a large group of folks working in various ways to improve their lot in life through education.

Brett is gung-ho about the move. He’s ready for an adventure and ready to make new friends. Brittany, on the other hand, is not as excited. She’s accomplished several things (starter on volleyball, basketball, softball, as well as frequently singing in the community and now acting [re: last post]) and she’s afraid she’ll lose all that. I certainly understand her fear and that was part of what we hoped to accomplish this last trip: checking out the schools. There are two good schools there and we’ve got a tough decision ahead of us.

And I’ve got a lot of boxes to pack and move…but I’m anxious to get started.


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