Opening night

My daughter is very interested in becoming an actress. Only 12, Brittany still has a ton of passion for the things she wants to do. So we signed her up to participate in the local theater. When the man at the door said adults were desperately needed, I said I’d be willing to help. I figured I’d get a mailman spot or some one-line spot. Really, I was only doing it because of Brittany.

Brittany got one of the lead roles, that of the daughter of the family. As it turns out, I got the “dad” role.

The play is “Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” I’d never heard of it. Honestly. No, I really mean it. Brittany had read the book, so she knew more about it than I did.

Well, tonight was opening night and let me tell you what a hoot it was. Brittany did fantastic, but I will admit that I had a lot of fun. To make it even better, Brett, my 7 year old son, also got a role…and my 66 year old mother got a role as one of the gossipy church ladies.Brittany in

(Brittany, left, as “Beth” in THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER)

It was nice to see a community organization not affiliated with any church put on a play with such a nice message.

If I thought anyone reading this was close to Kennett, MO, I’d invite you to come see it! 🙂


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